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Get Involved & Connect with Transfer Students

No matter your interests, you can always find a way to get involved on campus! To get started, check out UT’s Student Involvement page for ideas.

Connect with transfer students! Join the official group for UT Austin transfer students on Facebook.

Involvement on Campus

There are over 1,100 student organizations at UT Austin. If you see that one of your interests is missing from these options, you and a friend can start your own organization! Start by checking out HornsLink, UT’s database of student organizations on campus.

Texas Transfer Students is an organization on campus that was started by transfer students for transfer students. TTS aims to provide a home for all transfer students by helping students grow academically, socially, and developmentally.

If volunteering is your passion, then the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement is here to help you get involved. Sign up and track your hours for various events all over Austin and at UT through GivePulse. By the time you graduate, GivePulse will have a community service “transcript” with all of your volunteer hours and projects logged in one place.

Longhorn Athletics is your one-stop-shop for all UT Austin sports. Get together a group of friends and attend a football, basketball, or volleyball game, all the while building school spirit and cheering on our Longhorn athletes.

Whether you are trying to manage your stress, relax with a massage, or learn a new sport, RecSports is the place for you! Make new friends, get healthier, and have lots of fun by taking part in intramurals, clubs, and fitness classes.

If you are passionate about transfer student issues and want to help make a change on campus, join Student Government’s Transfer Students Agency. This student body represents the entire undergraduate population and implements meaningful change for their peers and future Longhorns, alike.

Academic Involvement

Transferring to a new school can be difficult, but transfer-specific programs like UTransition are here to help. Not only will you learn academic skills that will help you succeed, but you will also learn about campus resources and make connections with other transfer students on campus.

Many students who come to UT have a passion for research. If you have a passion to learn more about a specific area of study, start early and get involved in undergraduate research. Learn a great deal and gain hands on experience while building meaningful relationships and a valuable professional network.

Transfer students often feel that with less time on the Forty Acres, studying abroad is not an option. However, by working closely with your academic advisor and the International Office early in the process, you can likely plan a study abroad experience into your degree plan. With several programs to choose from in many different majors and budgets, studying abroad is a great way to get involved, make lifelong friends, and explore new cultures.