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TSI Assessment Preparation

The TSI Assessment consists of three sections: reading, writing, and mathematics. The minimum TSI Assessment scores required to satisfy TSI requirements are

  • Reading: 351
  • Mathematics: 350
  • Writing: essay score of 5 or essay score of 4 and multiple choice of 363

The mandatory TSI Pre-Assessment Activity provides the most comprehensive and interactive introduction for students taking the TSI Assessment. Students will be unable to take the TSI Assessment without first completing the entire Pre-Assessment Activity and obtaining their certificate of completion.

In addition to the TSI Pre-Assessment Activity, here are some resources designed to help students succeed on the assessment:

The TSI academic advisor will go over TSI Assessment score reports in each individualized advising session but it is important to be able to evaluate your scores as well.

You can also search for TSI Assessment test preparation resources online to help you better understand the content and format.