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Students who do not pass the reading portion of the TSI Assessment are required to take UGS 309 “Analytical Reading and Writing” during their first semester at UT.

UGS 309: Analytical Reading and Writing
The purpose of this course is to improve strategic reading and writing skills. In addition to information and practice on academic reading, the course includes activities to promote critical thinking. Students engage in a variety of tasks such as discipline specific readings, reflective writing, and group assignments. This is a college-level course and students receive letter grades on a scale from “A” to “F”. A student must earn a grade of “C-” or higher in UGS 309 to complete his/her TSI requirement.

Restricted Courses

Students may not enroll in PSY 301 “Introduction to Psychology”; GOV 310L “American Government”; HIS 315 K or L “United States History”; HIS 317 and HIS 365; or E 316K “Masterworks of Literature” until they have passed UGS 309 with a grade of “C-” or higher or otherwise completed their TSI requirements in reading by providing exempting test scores or other documentation.