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Independent Inquiry Flags

The Independent Inquiry Flag is intended to give all UT students the experience of independently investigating a problem and presenting their work.

Once the flag requirements have been fully implemented, all students will be required to earn credit for at least one Independent Inquiry Flag course in order to graduate. Most degree programs have not yet implemented the Independent Inquiry Flag requirement, though flags will appear in the Course Schedule beginning in the fall of 2009. Specific information about the flag requirements of individual degree programs can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Teaching Independent Inquiry Flag Courses

Lynda Gonzales, coordinator of the Undergraduate Research Office in the School of Undergraduate Studies, is available to consult with faculty members on effective strategies for delivering independent inquiry flag courses.

To propose that your course carry an Independent Inquiry Flag, log on to the online Flag Proposal System. All Independent Inquiry Flag courses must meet the criteria adopted by the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee.