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Teaching Resources & Information

The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) offers a number of resources for faculty members, teaching assistants, and peer mentors involved in Signature Course, flag, and general core teaching. These may be accessed using the navigation menu to the left.

Academy of Distinguished Teachers

We are proud to work with the Academy of Distinguished Teachers on an initiative to support promising young faculty. Academy members meet with junior professors to exchange ideas about instruction and provide general support in the difficult but rewarding process of becoming outstanding teachers.

Academy members are also invited to participate in the annual Freshman Reading Round-Up. Members should look for an email invitation by mid April each year.


Recognizing the barriers to effective university teaching described by the Boyer Report, the Task Force on Curricular Reform envisioned the School of Undergraduate Studies not only as the custodian of the core curriculum but also as an advocate for high quality undergraduate teaching generally. Toward this end, UGS collaborates in various ways with Learning Sciences, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies serves with the Provost, Vice President for Research, and Dean of Graduate Studies as a member of the President’s promotion and tenure committee.