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Create Your Own Endowment

Endowments in the School of Undergraduate Studies at The University of Texas at Austin are a sound investment in a better future. With an endowed gift, you provide permanent support for the School of Undergraduate Studies. Your gift is invested—never spent—and each year a distribution, like dividends on a mutual fund account, is made to your chosen program or area.

Endowments offer donors an opportunity to support areas they are passionate about at levels they are comfortable establishing. Below is a list of suggested endowment opportunities.

You may take up to five years to fund an endowment, and once it is officially established, you or anyone else may continue to add to its principal at any time. Moreover, by selecting the title of your endowment, you can forever link your name, or that of a family member, friend, or organization to scholarly excellence at the University.

Endowments are gifts that keep giving forever. They are a powerful way to support UGS now and to leave a legacy for future generations.

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