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UGS Endowments

Through endowed gifts you can provide permanent support for the School of Undergraduate Studies. Your gift is invested—never spent—and each year a distribution, like dividends on a mutual fund account, is made to your chosen area.

Browse the following programs to learn more about endowment opportunities.

Distinguished University Chair $3 million
Enables faculty and programs, enhances scholarly research

Chair $1 million
In support of faculty, programs, scholarly efforts, and research

Forty Acres Scholarship $500K
A highly competitive scholarship covering tuition and living expenses

Signature Course Lecture Rooms $500K per room
Four rooms available for naming

Professorships $300K
To recruit teachers, researchers, administrators

University Lecture Series $500K
A three-night series that connects first-year students with renowned speakers

Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Undergraduate Studies $50K
Awarded to high-achieving students

Program Endowments, Excellence Funds, and Scholarships $25K each
Supports UGS programs

Undergraduate Research Endowment $20K
Maintains a wide range of research opportunities

UGS Scholarship $10K
One year’s tuition to a deserving student

Established Endowments

Learn more about the School of Undergraduate Studies endowments.