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Jim Curry

Jim Curry Jim is motivated by the opportunity to work with teams who want to leave a significant impact on their industry and the world. He loves working with the underdogs who have the courage to defy expectations, and really loves working with teams who believe in the power of open.

During his time at Rackspace, Jim discovered and built the key initiatives required to maintain their long-term growth. There were two efforts he led that were particularly fulfilling. In 2010, Jim co-founded the OpenStack project with a bunch of really smart people from around the world. He is tremendously proud of the democratizing effect it has had on the industry despite significant entrenched opposition and doubters. Jim also built Rackspace’s private cloud business, including the company’s foray into supporting environments running on non-Rackspace infrastructure.

Along with great friends and colleagues Lanham Napier and Alan Schoenbaum, Jim recently co-founded a venture firm called BuildGroup. BuildGroup is a “growth outfitter” that equips entrepreneurs for the long haul. Jim and his partners want BuildGroup to redefine what it means to be a value-added investor for growth companies. They love nothing more than helping build and grow extraordinary companies, and believe that the best companies in the world are built — not bought.

Jim lives in Austin, TX and joined the School of Undergraduate Studies Advisory Council in the spring of 2017.