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Meet UGS Students

Lauren Hadley headshot
Major: Government
BDP Certificate: Public Policy
Graduation Year: Spring 2016

I work for Scott Douglass & McConnico LLP as a Case Clerk, assisting paralegals with trial and hearing preparation for our attorneys.

Location: Austin, TX

“Understanding multiple viewpoints is crucial to being successful. An interdisciplinary education prepared me for working in the real world with other people who may have differing views and opinions.”
Laramie Stroud headshot
Major: American Studies, Government
BDP Certificate: Human Rights & Social Justice
Graduation Year: Fall 2013

I work for the Texas House of Representatives as a Legislative Director where I research, develop, and advance members’ legislative agendas.

Location: Austin, TX

“Interdisciplinary education prepared me to think critically across multiple subject matters and disciplines.”
Timmy Huynh headshot
Major: Geography & Economics
BDP Certificate: Social Inequality, Health & Policy
Graduation Year: Spring 2010

I am earning a Ph.D. in Sociology at Penn State University

Location: University Park, PA

“The BDP allowed for structure and organization to an interdisciplinary perspective, as well as practice in important self-reflection through the required personal essays.”
Priya Gupta headshot
Major: Human Biology
BDP Certificate: Social Inequality, Health & Policy
Graduation Year: Spring 2016

I am earning a D.O. in Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University

Location: Davie, FL

My BDP allowed me to take classes and participate in research projects that went beyond the scope of my science major, while still focusing on healthcare.
Shelby Carvalho headshot
Major: Government & Humanities
BDP Certificate: Ethics & Leadership
Graduation Year: Spring 2011

I work for World Bank as a Research Consultant for education and labor in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Location: Washington, DC

My BDP experience allowed me to take advantage of opportunities across campus and provided me with resources and support to not only pursue meaningful research and internship experiences, but also to reflect and build on those experiences with the support of UT's faculty.
Carson Taylor headshot
Major: Radio-Television-Film
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media
Graduation Year: Spring 2016

I work for Electronic Arts (EA) as a Junior Project Manager where I manage IT and software tool development from idea conception to deployment

Location: Redwood City, CA

"The BDP experience allowed me to explore game development through the lenses of Computer Science and Fine Arts as well as RTF, which encouraged my interest in the industry and prepared me for a role where I work with a variety of interdisciplinary specialists."
Cody Cheek headshot
Major: Humanities, Liberal Arts Honors
BDP Certificate: Ethics & Leadership
Graduation Year: Spring 2007

‘m currently serving on Active Duty as a Captain in the U.S. Army JAG Corps as a Judge Advocate General.

Location: Arlington, VA

“To date, I have not met anyone else who received such a vibrant education, and I truly believe the cumulative effects of multi-tiered and functional interdisciplinary studies cannot be overstated.”
Headshot of researcher Stefany Hernandez
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“Being a part of the research setting allows students to think outside of the box, ask intriguing questions, and come up with solutions that are not easily discovered.”
Patrick Papa
Major: Biochemistry

Patrick is a senior who studied biochemistry and pre-pharmacy. He is currently finishing his last year in pharmacy school.

"I discovered that I can handle any challenge that comes my way, and I'll come out even more resilient."
Gerardo Gonzalez
Major: Public Relations
Graduation Year: 2018

Gerardo is a senior double majoring in public relations and classical archaeology.

"I discovered that when I stopped focusing on money I was able to take charge of my life and start really learning."