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Meet UGS Students

Gaby Morgan TYE mentor headshot
Major: Psychology
"I strongly recommend getting involved with as many things on campus as possible (without spreading yourself too thin)."
Hannah Parisi TYE mentor headshot
Major: Applied Movement Science, Pre-Physician’s Assistant
"It can be really scary being in a completely new and unfamiliar environment when you first transfer, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved in something as soon as you get to campus!"
Brian Dentry, TYE mentor headshot
Major: Economics
"You can do all that you want!"
Brooke Conway TYE mentor headshot
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
"Don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle."
Stephanie Jeannert TYE mentor headshot
Major: B.S. Psychology/Pre-med
"Start early, whatever your goals are."
Alexis Luoma TYE mentor headshot
Major: Corporate Communication & Sociology
"Do not buy into fallacy that transfers took the easy route to get into UT."
Sarah Higgins TYE student headshot
Major: Health Promotion
"Walk around like you own the place."
Miguel Robles TYE student headshot
Major: Communication Studies
"Join things!"
Deborah Nguyen TYE student mentor
Major: Accounting
"College is such a special time where you can build lifelong friends. Take advantage of the time you have here to build those relationships."
Clarissa Parulian headshot
Major: Management Information Systems
"Good entreprenuership is creating something that matters and enriches life for others."