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Meet UGS Students

Seun Ibitoye
Major: Economics & Pre-Med
Graduation Year: 2020
"Inspiration is a seed that turns into a vision, that turns into a goal and hopefully turns into victory."
Seth Applebaum
Major: Communication & Leadership
Graduation Year: 2020
Selina Bonilla headshot
Major: Journalism
BDP Certificate: Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits
Graduation Year: Spring 2015

I work for The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) Texas as a Development Associate. I carry out the implementation of fund development activities for RAICES. I am also pursuing a Master of Public Administration at UT San Antonio.

Location: San Antonio, TX

“My BDP certificate gave me the foundation to explore career opportunities outside my chosen degree.”
kaity dallas headshot
Major: Psychology
BDP Certificate: Children & Society
Graduation Year: Spring 2018

Kaity Dallas, pursuing a BDP certificate in Children & Society, spent the spring semester as an intern with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Austin, where she worked children and youth programs conducting community outreach, compiling data, and attending meetings and events with community stakeholders. Through this internship, Kaity had the opportunity to play an integral role in NAMI’s Ending the Silence program.

“This internship helped me feel empowered that I have chosen the perfect field for me.”
Anna Rose Isbell headshot
Major: Corporate Communication Studies
BDP Certificate: Ethics & Leadership
Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Anna Rose Isbell, a Corporate Communication major completing a BDP certificate in Ethics & Leadership in Law, Politics & Government, served as a Media Ethics Citizen Scholar through the Moody College of Communication’s Media Ethics Initiative in spring 2018. She researched and wrote case studies related to media ethics and law, politics, and government as well as assisted with the public relations and advertising efforts of the Media Ethics Initiative.

“I really enjoyed getting to focus on topics related to my specific BDP, and connecting these topics to other disciplines that I didn't realize could be so easily intertwined. I learned so much about how different topics collide, especially with how involved the media is in the political and technological world.”
Major: Nursing
Graduation Year: Spring 2019
“Research is important because, in medicine, we’re trying to improve patient outcomes. As nurses, it is incredibly important that we understand the reasons we’re giving them the care they need.”
Photo of Laurie
Major: Italian
Graduation Year: Fall 2018
"Independently pursuing lines of inquiry, seeking to better understand various facets of an author’s work, challenging myself to learn more about another language—the skills I am practicing in conducting this research will definitely serve me well in the future."
Photo of Kavya
Major: Chemistry
Graduation Year: May 2020
"This was my first time stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring something new; it was extremely challenging but absolutely worth it."
Photo of Xavier
Major: Sociology
Graduation Year: Spring 2018
"I know how it feels to spend a long time on a piece only to have it torn to shreds by peers and professors. But even if that happens, take it in stride and incorporate that constructive feedback; you can only get better from there."
Photo of Chris
Major: Biology
Graduation Year: Spring 2019
"Persistence pays off and a little bit of passion can go a long way."