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Meet UGS Students

Major: Master in Professional Accounting
Graduation Year: Spring 2018

As a tutor, Michael helps students work through problems and reach their academic goals.

"Next week, he came back for another appointment and told me that he got a 100 on the third exam and wanted to thank me for helping him understand it. It was so meaningful to me because I knew how much he wanted it and how hard he worked for it, so I was so glad to see his hard work rewarded."
Major: Nursing
Graduation Year: December 2017

Victoria works as a PLUS peer coordinator, helping facilitators and professors promote academic success.

"I would advise anyone that changes their minds on what they want to study in school or what career they want to strive for that they absolutely can! Life is short, make the most of your time. However, you must be prepared for the extra work that changing paths often takes."
Major: Biochemistry
Graduation Year: Spring 2017

As a tutor at the Sanger Learning Center, Corinne helps students understand difficult course concepts.

"My advice would not to give up and keep pushing. Things get better in time!"
Major: Mathematics/Plan II
Graduation Year: Spring 2018

Gregory tutors students in in a variety of subjects, including math, physics, and French.

"It is wonderful to see a student gain confidence in a subject in which they had before been struggling."
Major: Biology

As a PLUS facilitator for Anatomy and Cell Biology, Clark leads study groups for his fellow classmates

"Don't be afraid to seek the help of a tutor or student group like PLUS as early as possible in college."
James Hall
Major: Chemistry
Graduation Year: May 2019

As a tutor and peer academic coach, James helps UT students become more effective learners.

"The most rewarding part of my jobs is see the impact you have on the students in real time."
Major: Neuroscience
Graduation Year: May 2017

Jennier has helped countless student reach their academic potential at UT as a tutor at the Sanger Learning Center.

"Whether it's a simple mnemonic or a tip about how to succeed in one professor's class, I find it very rewarding when I can give a student some advice that I know will serve their academic pursuits for a long time after the session has ended."
Major: Plan II Honors, Neuroscience Honors
Graduation Year: May 2019

Scott thrives as a team player as a PLUS peer coordinator at the Sanger Learning Center.

"I have found that, for the most part, peers are receptive to helping you out and supporting your academic endeavors."