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Meet UGS Students

Major: Finance
Graduation Year: Spring 2017

As a Peer Academic Coach, Jason helps students fine-tune their study habits so they can study smarter, not harder.

"A great thing about PAC is that we do not just provide immediate or temporary help, we create a foundation for students to stand on for the rest of their college career."
Major: Health and Society
Graduation Year: May 2017

PLUS Peer Mentor Sricharan Navuluri has helped to make our PLUS program the best possible experience for facilitators and students.

"It has been incredible to see students gain confidence in their ability to succeed, while simultaneously helping their peers excel."
Headshot of student researcher Brianna Barry
Major: Biochemistry
Graduation Year: Spring 2016
“Students at UT are so privileged to have such innovative research at their fingertips.”
Headshot of researcher Julia Caswell
Major: Visual Art Studies
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“Research can be a form of play.”
Headshot of student researcher Tejas Choudhary
Major: Civil Engineering Honors, Finance
Graduation Year: Spring 2018
“Joining a research university like UT, I knew that I would be able to learn about innovative research.”
Headshot of researcher Mary Cantu-Garcia
Major: Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders
BDP Certificate: Children & Society
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“Being involved in research so early allowed me to take my time in discovering work I am truly passionate about.”
Headshot of researcher Alexus Cottonham
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“My independent research project has been a world of freedom.”
Headshot of student researchers Joy Youwakim
Major: Economics
BDP Certificate: Environment & Sustainability
Graduation Year: Spring 2018
“Conducting research gave me a lot of career direction.”
Carlos Devora
Major: Journalism
Graduation Year: 2018

Carlos is a journalism major in the Moody College of Communication.

"I discovered I could give a voice to those who weren't being heard."
Headshot of researcher Torre Puckett
Major: English
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“If realizing that English majors could do research was a surprise, it was even more of a surprise to discover that my research could help me travel.”