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Meet UGS Students

Adolfo Castro
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2018

Adolfo is a junior studying mechanical engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering.

"I discovered that if I kept a growth mindset I could overcome difficult challenges."
Major: Management Information Systems
Graduation Year: 2018

As an Outreach and Communication Specialist, Alison reaches far and wide on campus helping students with public speaking and presentation skills.

"The most surprising aspect of my job has been the knowledge that I have gained through connecting with other students."
Major: Finance
Graduation Year: Spring 2017

As a Peer Academic Coach, Jason helps students fine-tune their study habits so they can study smarter, not harder.

"A great thing about PAC is that we do not just provide immediate or temporary help, we create a foundation for students to stand on for the rest of their college career."
Major: Health and Society
Graduation Year: May 2017

PLUS Peer Mentor Sricharan Navuluri has helped to make our PLUS program the best possible experience for facilitators and students.

"It has been incredible to see students gain confidence in their ability to succeed, while simultaneously helping their peers excel."
Headshot of researcher Torre Puckett
Major: English
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“If realizing that English majors could do research was a surprise, it was even more of a surprise to discover that my research could help me travel.”
Headshot of student researcher Tarika Nath
Major: Economics
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“The best way to find research opportunities is through networking.”
Headshot of student researcher Melissa Hall
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering and Plan II
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
“I have gotten to develop experiments that connect with individuals all over the United States.”
Headshot of researcher Roberto Gonzalez
Major: Chemistry (BSA), Business Foundations certificate
Graduation Year: Fall 2017
“It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it.”
Liz Tran
Major: Psychology
Graduation Year: 2017

Liz is a senior graduating with a major in psychology and a minor in biology.

"I discovered that being undecided doesn't mean you're a failure. It just means you are one step closer to what makes you happy."
Joshua Sherden
Major: Advertising
Graduation Year: 2018

Joshua is a junior majoring in advertising in the Moody College of Communication.

"I discovered that the journey is all about doing something you love and seeing the world from a different perspective."