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Meet UGS Students

Allison Thornton
Major: Business Honors
Graduation Year: May 2018
"If there's a topic that you're able to get lost in like that, a research project seems to be the logical next step."
Photo of Mitch Webb
Major: Music
Graduation Year: Fall 2017
"The process itself was incredible, but the final performance was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life."
Photo of Xavier
Major: Sociology
Graduation Year: Spring 2018
"I know how it feels to spend a long time on a piece only to have it torn to shreds by peers and professors. But even if that happens, take it in stride and incorporate that constructive feedback; you can only get better from there."
Photo of Chris
Major: Biology
Graduation Year: Spring 2019
"Persistence pays off and a little bit of passion can go a long way."
Photo of Alay
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Graduation Year: May 2020
"Come with an open mindset and be prepared to fail or not get the results you hypothesized."
Photo of Laurie
Major: Italian
Graduation Year: Fall 2018
"Independently pursuing lines of inquiry, seeking to better understand various facets of an author’s work, challenging myself to learn more about another language—the skills I am practicing in conducting this research will definitely serve me well in the future."
Major: Audiology
Graduation Year: May 2019
"I would advise students who are interested in doing undergraduate research to start finding opportunities as soon as possible."
Photo of Kavya
Major: Chemistry
Graduation Year: May 2020
"This was my first time stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring something new; it was extremely challenging but absolutely worth it."
valeria montemayor headshot
Major: Studio Art
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media
Graduation Year: Spring 2019

Valeria Montemayor, Digital Arts & Media student and Studio Art major, created an animated comic named Skull-Kidz!, which gave her the chance to combine animation and comic books in a unique way that allowed her to expand her skills as a digital artist. She also had the opportunity to engage with an online audience, write her own scripts, and build her “portfolio“https://valeriamontemayor.carbonmade.com/.

"I've realized now that there's no need to box myself in one category."
kelsey moreland headshot
Major: Genetics & Genomics
BDP Certificate: Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits
Graduation Year: Spring 2020

Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits student Kelsey Moreland completed a research project exploring Kaqchikel language politics and the impact of aid in Kaqchikel communities. Her research was conducted in Tecpan, Guatemala where she worked with Wuqu’ Kawoq Maya Health Alliance, a NGO that focuses on the healthcare and well-being of native communities. This research experience provided Kelsey with the opportunity to better understand how language, health, culture, and social justice can influence a community

"It was through this experience that I gained the confidence in my own voice that I needed in order to move forward with the drive to effect change and understanding."