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Sachin Chandiramani

Graduation Year:
Spring 2017
“It is scary being undeclared because that thought of not getting into your major will always be there. However, being in UGS has allowed me to really think about what I like and don’t like and has opened me up to different areas of study that I wouldn’t have considered if I was already in my major”.

Finding a Major
Initially, I wanted to major in finance, however, taking the calculus requirements for The McCombs School of Business allowed me to realize how much I enjoyed mathematics; I now want to major in mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science. Actuarial science seems perfect for me as it satisfies both my interest in mathematics and business.

Favorite Study Spot
My favorite study spot is the fourth or sixth floor of the PCL.

Extracurricular Activity
In these first two years I have been focusing mainly on my GPA so I haven’t been consistent with student organizations on campus. I intend to join the University Finance Association and the Actuarial Science Club.

How to be a Successful Student at UT
Being a successful UT student can be a challenge sometimes. It requires a lot of hard work and studying. It is imperative to find something that motivates you to continue to work diligently throughout the semester. Maintaining a social life helps to break the monotony of schoolwork and keeps you sane along the way.

Advice for Undecided Students
Continue to explore different majors and ensure that they meet the pre-requisites for their desired major. You wouldn’t want to be in a position where it becomes too late to get into a major. In addition to pre-requisites, aim for a high GPA so it opens up many choices for you.

A Helpful Resource
UT has so many beneficial resources that I try to utilize. The Sanger Learning Center is very helpful and has saved me in desperate times.