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Meet UGS Students

Major: Biology with Applied Statistical Modeling Certificate
Graduation Year: 2022
Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be proactive. It’s harder to go out there and change the world if we stay in our comfort zone.
Major: Biochemistry and Elements of Computing
Graduation Year: 2022
It has been the most incredible experience to be able to do research, present it, and win awards for it.
Major: Computer Science and Physics
Graduation Year: 2023
Don’t be afraid to do research in an area you don’t know much about or think is not that interesting. It may be that over the course of your research you develop a deep interest for it!
Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Graduation Year: 2024
To those thinking about research, I would tell them to not be afraid and to just go for any opportunity they are considering because it will surprise them how natural and welcoming research can be. It is not a competition, but rather a supportive and patient community ready to welcome any contributions from passionate minds.
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2021
I really encourage students to try out different research projects to find ones that interest them the most and then stick to those projects, as the more you persevere, the more you learn and enjoy.
Major: Chemistry
Graduation Year: 2023
Research something you are passionate about. Don’t research something that you’re not interested in because you want to build your resume or you want to publish a paper. Passion really shows in research.
Major: Chemistry
Graduation Year: Spring 2022
My advice for students would be to not be shy, and take the leap! You only have 4 years in undergrad – if you want to do research, email every professor who has a lab for an opportunity to tour their lab, shadow undergraduate researchers in the lab, and even get yourself a research position!
Miah Orneals
Major: Audiology
Graduation Year: Fall 2021
"Everything that DSP has done for me and being in School of Undergraduate Studies has shaped me to be the strong powerful woman I am today!"
DSP student Jacob Parra
Major: Management Information Systems
Graduation Year: Spring 2021
"DSP has provided me with such a great community. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and really made UT feel smaller than it actually is."
Maurizio Marcotulli
Major: Civil Engineering
BDP Certificate: Environment & Sustainability
Graduation Year: Spring 2022

Maurizio Marcotulli, a civil engineering major pursuing a BDP certificate in Environment & Sustainability, completed an independent research project where he looked at the applicability of small modular reactors in Latin America. His goal was to see whether there were systemic reasons that small modular reactors could compete on more even grounds with the current popular hydroelectric energy in the region.

"The most rewarding aspect of this experience was how humbling it was. In many ways, I considered myself well informed about most energy sources, as it is a passion of mine, but when I was fully immersed into the world of nuclear energy, I realized that I was naive and out of my element. There were many things considered common knowledge that I had to learn as a foundation to even begin my research, but once I finally got going it was all the more rewarding."