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Step-by-Step Design Guide

The UGS communications team in the Dean’s Office is available to design any material you need. This can include posters, programs, brochures, flyers, emails, t-shirts, and anything else that helps you achieve your goals. All material will be designed within the Undergraduate Studies visual brand, and the designer(s) you work with will have working knowledge of the brand. You will have input on the design, photos used, and overall message. Some design elements are critical to maintaining the overall Undergraduate Studies brand, and are non-negotiable.

Please review all purchasing guidelines.

  1. Submit your request for design(s) to Lara Harlan, including a firm deadline by which you must have the finished, printed work. She will work with her employees to come up with a schedule for the project.
  2. Submit final copy. All copy will be approved by Lara Harlan.
  3. Follow the design schedule with your UGS designer to produce something you and Lara Harlan are happy with. All designs will be within the UGS visual brand, and staying true to the brand will guide design decisions.
    • Simultaneous to the designer creating your design, you will get necessary estimates from a printer or printers, based on design specs the designer can provide you with.
    • When you settle on a printer, connect the designer with the printer via email.
  4. When the design is approved by your supervisor and by Lara Harlan, the designer will work with the printer to produce the final, printed product.
  5. Contact the designer to let her know your material was delivered.