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Academic Advising Committee

Committee Charge

1. Committee Name: Academic Advising Committee

2. Committee Sponsor: David Spight

3. Process for Selecting Committee Chair:
The committee will determine the chair at the first meeting by a vote of the members. The chair will serve for the duration of one year. This is intended to give more staff opportunities to lead within the School.

4. Purpose of the Committee:
The purpose of this committee will be to share information between advising programs in UGS, to identify advising school-wide advising needs, and to develop recommendations for the prioritization of those school-wide advising needs.

5. Scope of the Committee:
The scope of this committee will be to increase/improve communication between the advising programs in the school, to identify areas where school-wide advising needs can be addressed, and to build a stronger community of advisors within the school. The committee will not, however, make decisions on policies related to advising as the school follows University policies with regards to advising.

6. Committee Membership:
The committee will have no more than seven members, consisting of two members from each of the advising programs in the school, and one additional member (if there is interest) from one of the non-advising programs. Initially, half of the members would be asked to serve for two-years and the other half for one-year. This would ensure continuity in the committee as well as new ideas and perspectives by having half of the members change over each year. The sponsor would determine the committee rotation, maintain soliciting new members as terms expire, and decide which members would serve for the initial one-year and two-year terms.

In the event that prior to the end of a term a member needs to step down from the committee, the sponsor will solicit a replacement.

7. Meeting Frequency and Duration:
This committee will meet once a month, with the exception of the time during summer orientation (June through mid July). This committee is intended to be long-term, with no completion date. The chair and the other committee members should present recommendations to the senior staff via the committee sponsor and at UGS All meeting when appropriate.

8. Process for Joining the Committee:
Any staff member interested in joining the committee should send an email to David Spight. Up to six members (in addition to the chair) will be selected. If more than six people express interest, preference will be given considering the need for school-wide representation and participation in other UGS committees.