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UGS Color Palette

Using a defined palette helps us present a consistent and easily identifiable “face” to the university, prospective students, current students, and parents. All material that you and your office produce should use colors only from the palette below. Use the PMS numbers below to choose your colors for print, and the hex numbers for web.

Some of the colors in our palette are associated with specific programs, but any program in Undergraduate Studies is welcome to use any of the colors below. Primary colors should be used as main or accent colors, and secondary colors are neutrals chosen to match well with our primary palette and to fill up “white space” in designs.

About Pantone Colors

Our palette is made up of Pantone colors (PMS for short). Each printed Pantone color swatch has an identifying number (for example, Coca-Cola red is 185C), used to make sure the color used by the designer is the same as that used by the printer. The colors pictured below are approximations of those colors. More about Pantone colors