Alexis McDonald

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Mary Steinhardt
Graduate Student Mentor: Jaylen Wright
Name of project Psychological Well-Being and the Role of Social Support: A Qualitative Exploration of Black Women and Latina College Student Experiences

Rebecca Chen

Rebecca is an advertising senior who’s completed the Texas Creative sequence as an Art Director with a Bridging Disciplines certificate in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. She identifies herself as an interdisciplinary designer, but really just a curious human. Her experiences include winning $25k for a self-initiated social entrepreneurship project over colorism, being a student designer at IBM, and occasionally sticking googly eyes on inmate objects.

Zaria El-Fil

Faculty supervisor: Dr. Daina Ramey Berry
Name of project: ‘My Master Met Me at Every Turn’: Surveillance and Psychological Domination Within The Plantation Household

Ishaana Talesara

Major/minor: Economics and Mathematics
Year and expected graduation: Senior; spring 2020
Faculty supervisor: Professor Michael Geruso
Name of project: Inversions in US Presidential Elections: 1836-2016

Keyanna Maxwell

Keyanna conducted market research to better understand startup needs and failures, looking specifically at startups in creative arenas. She explored the intersections between these types of businesses as she prepared to create a business plan for a makers studio focused on baking, cooking classes, sewing, and other creative endeavors.

Isheta Kumar

Isheta interned with Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), an organization dedicated to funding promising scientific innovations. While at ATI, Isheta had the opportunity to research the public benefit funds used by over 30 states to provide funding for renewable energy research. Texas is one of the few states without such a fund, so she used her research to craft a proposal for Texas to create a public benefit fund.

Sriram Palepu

Sriram conducted research in India on the effects of mercury content on the fishing industry of the Godavari River. He focused on whether or not a correlation existed between fish mercury content and neurodegenerative diseases in the area of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Kelsey Moreland

Kelsey completed a research project exploring Kaqchikel language politics and the impact of aid in Kaqchikel communities. Her research was conducted in Tecpan, Guatemala where she worked with Wuqu’ Kawoq Maya Health Alliance, an NGO that focuses on the healthcare and well-being of native communities. This research experience provided Kelsey with the opportunity to better understand how language, health, culture, and social justice can influence a community.

Julia Orenstein

What has been the most surprising aspect of your job?
The enthusiasm my students have! So many of them have an incredible work ethic and a determination to learn. Even people who come in for a class that they’re taking only as a requirement seem to want to understand the material on a deep level.