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TA Support

The Sanger Learning Center offers programs that help TAs develop teaching skills while providing extra assistance to students in historically-difficult courses. Encourage students to meet with a learning specialist. Students can make an appointment online, call 512-471-3614, or visit our main office in JES A332.

If you would like to work one-on-one with a consultant to make changes in your teaching, our staff members have experience helping TAs develop their interpersonal skills and effectively implement their plans in the classroom. We are available to observe your teaching and offer confidential feedback in a collaborative, problem-solving way. Email us for more information.

The Faculty Innovation Center also provides individual and group consulting services for graduate student instructors around teaching and learning. They can assist you with structuring your course or designing assignments.

Supplemental Instruction Program

Supplemental Instruction lets you get into the classroom, engage undergraduates in active learning, and develop your own teaching philosophy and portfolio for the job market. Learn more about becoming an SI Leader.

TAs that are part of the SI program receive training and support throughout the semester to learn how to not only teach the content of their class, but also help their students develop the academic skills necessary to succeed at UT.

Push: Intellectual Development, Personal Growth, Leadership

Push, the Sanger Learning Center’s new framework for student development, is meant to facilitate a deeper understanding of subject matter in the classroom. Students are prompted to take a more assertive role in learning, while instructors and TAs are encouraged to eliminate unproductive practices from the classroom and implement practices grounded in the psychology of learning. Learn more about Push.

Outreach Services and Presentations

The SLC hosts a number of classroom presentations and instructor presentations throughout the semester.

Learn more about outreach services or request a presentation.