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Become an SI Leader


The staff of the Supplemental Instruction program is just as focused on your professional development as an instructor as we are on the intellectual and skills development of our undergraduates.

Supplemental Instruction lets you get into the classroom, engage undergraduates in active learning, and begin developing your own teaching philosophy and portfolio for the job market. As an SI leader, you will

  • Gain valuable in-classroom teaching time
  • Get effective, in-depth training on how to combine course content with learning skills instruction
  • Learn how to plan and teach courses that make your students stronger thinkers and more self-directed learners
  • Participate in guided weekly meetings with an SI cohort, led by highly trained and experienced SI supervisors, where you share classroom experiences and exchange teaching ideas
  • Get classroom observation and feedback on your teaching from our expert staff
  • Benefit from professional development opportunities like creating a teaching statement and portfolio and on-campus resources

Graduate coordinators and departmental SI supervisors recruit graduate-level SI leaders through each department’s email list. Sanger Learning Center solicits interested applicants when spring and fall TA assignments are made. In some departments, supervisors recruit qualified undergraduates directly. SI leaders typically receive an additional $1450.00 per semester in addition to their base TA salaries.