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PLUS Supported Courses

PLUS supports challenging courses at the request of faculty, students, and academic advisors. For more information on PLUS, please contact Leta Moser.

Students who wish to participate in a weekly study group should contact their PLUS Peer Coordinator or visit their course’s Canvas page for the ongoing weekly schedule.

Course Title Instructor PLUS Peer Coordinator
ACC 312 Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting All Professors Zach Sunderland
BCH 339F Foundations of Biochemistry Barrick Megan Rogelstad
BCH 369 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (non-majors) Grabner Molly Aldred
Gracia Dala
BCH 370 Physical Methods of Biochemistry Hoffman Dorothy Nguyen
BIO 320 Cell Biology Chan Cory Nunn 
BIO 325 Genetics Fischer Pavia Muringathuparambil
BIO 325H Genetics (Honors) Payne Jayce Klein
CH 320M Organic Chem I Dragna Lena Liu
GOV 341M Decision Theory Enelow Vik Shirvaikar
GRG 301C Natural Environment Polk Garrett Marshall Kelly
GRG 304E Environmental Science: A Changing World Meyer Heather Chang
Management Information Systems
MIS 333K Web Application Development Gray Jenna Slagle
NEU 330 Neural Systems I Pollak Vandana Dubakula
PHL 313 Intro to Symbolic Logic Litland Michael Guidot
PHM 338 Intro to Pharmacology Karboski Jackie Carter
PHY 317L Modern Physics Gleeson Annie Flowers
PHY 321 Modern Physics: Plan II Gleeson Taylore Woodhouse
Social Work
SW 311 Sign Language for Social Workers Nonaka Andrea Garcia
STA 309 Elementary Business Statistics All Professors Ben Naylor