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Peer-Led Undergraduate Studying (PLUS) assists students enrolled in historically difficult courses by offering class-specific, weekly study groups. Students can attend any study group at any point in the semester to review for an exam, discuss confusing concepts, or work through practice problems.

PLUS is free and open to students enrolled in supported sections and typically begins the third week of the semester.

Spring 2022 update: Study groups will begin in February. Students who wish to participate in a weekly study group should visit their course’s Canvas page for more details.

Who Participates in PLUS

Study Group Participants include any student currently enrolled in the course – everyone is welcome. Students participate in collaborative study groups with their peers and assigned facilitators, who are also currently enrolled in the class. During their weekly study group, students can practice skills, gain knowledge, and get different perspectives on course material.

Facilitators are current students enrolled in the class who have been selected to guide the study groups, ensuring they’re on task and productive for everyone. Facilitators do their best to keep up with the material and meet weekly with the professor and an experienced peer coordinator to gain clarity on confusing concepts; however, they are not TAs or content experts. Facilitators receive ongoing training throughout the semester. This is a volunteer position selected by application during the first week of the semester; listen for an announcement during the first class and on canvas to apply!

Peer Coordinators are students who have already successfully completed the course. They lead weekly planning meetings with the professor & facilitators, create tailored study group guides to practice essential skills needed to be successful, and mentor their facilitators throughout the semester. This is a paid position.

Professors of PLUS-supported courses are the content experts. They attend weekly planning meetings (20-30 minutes) with their assigned peer coordinator and facilitators, and influence the study group’s agenda. They build rapport with PLUS facilitators and gain valuable student feedback about their course.

Supported Courses

PLUS supports challenging courses during long semesters for a variety of departments on campus, including accounting, biology, and social work. Supported courses vary by semester and are added to the program by request. To add PLUS to your course, contact Elliot Lopez-Finn.

PLUS Supported Courses

Information for Instructors

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