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Sanger Student Leaders

Click on a student’s name or picture to learn more about their experiences with the Sanger Learning Center at The University of Texas at Austin. To view student success stories from other UGS programs, visit the student success page.

Mariette Peltier

Mariette Peltier

Major: Business Honors, Supply Chain Management, Psychology
Graduation: Spring 2017

As a tutor in the Sanger Learning Center, Mariette helps UT students master concepts and understand coursework.

Mark Babin

Mark Babin

Major: Chemistry and Physics
Graduation: Spring 2016

For the past year, Mark Babin has tutored students in chemistry and physics at the Sanger Center.

Michael Nguyen

Major: Master in Professional Accounting
Graduation: Spring 2018

As a tutor, Michael helps students work through problems and reach their academic goals.

Sam Trejo

Sam Trejo

Major: Plan II, Economics
Graduation: Summer 2016

As an SI Leader, Sam leads weekly discussion sections to help students master material in their economics courses.

Scott J. Spivey

Major: Plan II Honors, Neuroscience Honors
Graduation: May 2019

Scott thrives as a team player as a PLUS peer coordinator at the Sanger Learning Center.

Sharmin Sharif

Sharmin Sharif

Major: Masters in Professional Accounting
Graduation: Spring 2017

Sharmin hosts various student-oriented workshops as an outreach assistant in the Sanger Learning Center. She also works as a peer academic coach helping build students’ study skills.

Sricharan Navuluri

Major: Health and Society
Graduation: May 2017

PLUS Peer Mentor Sricharan Navuluri has helped to make our PLUS program the best possible experience for facilitators and students.

Talal Beidas

Major: Biology Honors
Graduation: May 2017

As a tutor and peer academic coach, Talal helps students hone their study habits and achieve their academic goals.

Taylor McAdam

Major: Mathematics PhD
Graduation: N/A

Taylor has worked as a SI leader for four semesters, helping students learn the beauty of mathematics.

Victoria Ekstrand

Major: Nursing
Graduation: December 2017

Victoria works as a PLUS peer coordinator, helping facilitators and professors promote academic success.