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Jared Eaves

Jared Eaves
Graduation Year:
Spring 2016
"I found so much benefit and use out of being a preceptor that I wanted to give back what I received by becoming a senior preceptor."

What has been the most rewarding part about working at the Sanger Center?
The most rewarding part of working with PLUS and the Sanger Center is knowing that my contributions have a direct impact on students in difficult courses. My experience in the class that I’m a senior preceptor for (fundamentals of financial accounting) allows me to advise my preceptors in a way that not only benefits them, but the students they lead in study groups. I found so much benefit and use out of being a preceptor that I wanted to give back what I received by becoming a senior preceptor.

What has been the most surprising or unexpected aspect of your job?
The most surprising aspect of my job is how the preceptors I work with are thirsty with knowledge. They come to the weekly planning meetings with questions ready to ask their professor, and this is something I didn’t see coming at the full-blown rate it has been.

Tell me about a time you worked with a group of students and were particularly proud of the outcome.
When I facilitated study groups for systems physiology as a preceptor, one study group session was incredible. We all split up into several groups and each group was assigned a biological pathway (really big ones, too). After around 20 minutes of creating our maps on the board, we each went around and discussed each. I believe we spent the entire hour and a half discussing the topic at hand without a break. It was at that point that I realized that these study groups really do work and it made me discover a passion I had for the human body and its physiological processes.

What advice would you give to incoming students about being academically successful at UT?
Time management and motivation are my top two pieces of advice for doing well at UT. Making checklists of what you plan to complete within the day and allotting times for those tasks will make you stay organized and on top of your coursework. Motivation is a big one because without any drive or goal in your horizon, you have no direction. Many students tend to drop out of courses or give up because of one bad grade, but succeeding here is all about learning from your mistakes and sticking with it even if times are hard.