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Allison Kirkley

Allison Kirley
Government and Religious Studies
Graduation Year:
Spring 2019
"There are so many academic and student resources to aid you on your journey!"

What has been the most rewarding part about working at the Sanger Center?
It’s incredibly rewarding to see my students not only improve but become a regular presence at the Sanger Learning Center! That means I’m doing my job right.

What has been the most surprising aspect of your job?
The most surprising part is probably the amount of freedom my team gets to have when presenting at workshops! No two presenters approach the material in the same way.

Tell us about a time you worked with a student (or group of students) and were particularly proud of the outcome. What happened? Why was it special?
Last semester I worked with a student who was struggling to keep up with their deadlines during a presentation. I ran into them after the workshop; they gave me a huge thank you for directing them to the Sanger Learning Center for help!

Tell us about an academic challenge you encountered when you got to UT. How did you handle it? What advice would you give to someone in that same situation?
I was enrolled in a particularly challenging genetics class my freshman year. Instead of finding help or going to office hours, I would just spend more time studying the exact way I already was. Spoiler alert: that never works! I would tell all students that academic challenges are meant to get us out of our comfort zones and push us to find new sources for help. Every student should always use their assets (professors, TAs, previous students, the Sanger Learning Center, etc.) to figure out how to prevail in a challenging course.