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Most people think about leadership as something you do to and for other people—directing others or setting an example for others to follow. But leadership is more than that. Genuine leadership begins with the choices you make as an individual, what you choose to do, independent of what other people are doing or what other people are telling you to do. This kind of personal leadership is especially important when decisions require a bit of courage on your part. It’s almost always easier to wait and see what others around you end up doing, see what happens as a result, and then following along. But striking out on your own, making decisions when you’re not entirely sure of the outcome, may require a bit of a push from you. Yet, these kinds of decisions are often the most important ones that people make in their lives.

Some Examples of Lil’ Pushes

  • Often when you’re confused in class, you’re not alone. But often, no one who’s confused wants to raise their hand and ask a question, thus revealing that they are in fact confused. When you’re confused in class, don’t wait for someone else. Raise your hand and ask the question.
  • Start a study group. Gather a few email addresses from people in class or be the first to send around a Canvas message.
  • Have a hobby or interest that isn’t represented on campus? Start a new student organization.
  • Run for a leadership position in a student organization or in student government.