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Push: Intellectual Development, Personal Growth, Leadership

As a student at this great university, you have innumerable choices to make about your life. Over the course of your experiences thus far, you have developed ways of thinking and behaving that have probably served your fairly well—certainly well enough that you gained admission to UT Austin!

While navigating college, new opportunities arise that allow you to examine what you have done and consider what you intend to do in the future. Research from Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck demonstrates that learners’ beliefs about their own capabilities can dramatically affect how successful they are in academic and other pursuits

Dweck’s optimistic message is that all of us can become better at what we do if we recognize that our accomplishments are based not on innate aspects of who we are, but on aspects of our behavior that we can choose.

Push takes Dweck’s research and applies it directly to your education. We’ve come up with three components of Push: intellectual development, personal growth, and leadership. All three of these components work together and encourage you to take a more assertive role in your education. Read more about its components and view examples of lil’ pushes on each page. Then, start incorporating Push into your daily routine at UT.