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Information for Current Students

The Signature Course (UGS 302 and 303) introduces you to college-level learning through a myriad of subjects and topics. These classes range from the arts and humanities to the hard sciences, but every class has unique components that will help you throughout your college career and beyond. The Signature Course

  • puts you in contact with top faculty from across the university
  • helps guide you as you strive to become a better writer, speaker, and problem solver
  • assists students in using research methods and critical thinking skills that are necessary to perform well in all of your other courses
  • familiarizes you with the gems of the university
  • engages you in a university-wide academic event

Who is required to take a Signature Course?

As of the 2010 Undergraduate Catalog, all students are required to take a Signature Course to fulfill University Core requirements. If you have questions about whether you are required to take a Signature Course, please speak with the academic advisor in your department or college.

The staff in the Vick Center for Strategic Advising is available to consult with you on any questions about core petitions, including signature course petitions, you or your advisor may have. Make an appointment online .

Learn more about advising and registration for the Signature Course.