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Signature Courses Abroad

Are you interested in teaching your Signature Course abroad? If so, we are happy to report that leadership in UGS and the International Office has approved a plan for several Signature Courses to be taught overseas as Maymesters in the coming years. Due to the COVID pandemic, we have not yet had the opportunity to have our inaugural Maymesters (scheduled for Spring 2020 and Spring 2021) taught abroad. Therefore, the application for interested faculty members to apply to teach their existing Signature Course abroad is currently closed, and we anticipate a call for proposals sometime in late 2022.

Please note the following regarding Signature Courses Abroad (Maymesters)

  • Only established Signature Courses will be considered.
  • Applications for Signature Course Maymesters are not limited to those faculty members already scheduled to teach in spring semesters. If you normally teach in the fall or summer, you may still apply to teach your Signature Course as a Maymester. If selected, your course will be moved to the Maymester offering and no longer offered on campus during the academic years it will be taught abroad.
  • You must agree and be available to teach your Signature Course abroad (in the same location) for a two-year period.
  • Teaching your Signature Course in the Maymester format follows standard Signature Course funding to the home schools and colleges.