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Landmarks Public Art Assignment

UGS 302

The University of Texas has many “Gems” that enhance our experience in and out of the classroom. I hope you will discover cultural and intellectual centers such as the Harry Ransom Center, the Blanton Museum, and the University of Texas libraries. Our class will explore the Landmarks project of various indoor and outdoor installations of public art throughout campus. This will also introduce you to the village otherwise known as the UT campus!

Project: Final edited video essay (2 minutes in length) with observations on selected piece. University “Gem” for focus: Landmarks at The University of Texas at Austin Public art installed on campus. See website for virtual tour, audio tour, artist info:

  • One student per site; sign up by 11/1.
  • Evaluated CR/NC (5% of final course grade)
  • No late submissions accepted for credit
  • Final edited video length – around 2 minutes (from 10 minutes of raw footage)
  • Allow time for technical problems – don’t be afraid to ask for help from DMS!
  • All final video essays can be viewed on BB/Discussion Board

Reminders: Your Peer Mentor will take you on campus tours of some sites. See Landmarks map handed out in class. [Sign up for one piece by 11/1.]

ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES: Offer an edited verbal critique which may include music and other touches such as written text or other visuals. Your voice should provide the commentary but you do not need to be in the video essay itself.

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to video and to edit the final product.
  • Select one angle from which to formulate your critique.
  • This angle might derive from the artist’s own conceptual framing, the observations offered from the website and/or audio tour, or your own “take” of the piece in its space on the UT campus.
  • If you desire, you may include brief excerpts of interviews with fellow students regarding the piece.
  • No additional research required
  • Music desirable but optional