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Analytic Rubric

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This rubric taken from John Bean, Engaging Ideas

Scoring Guide for Essays

Quality of Ideas: ____ points

Range and depth of argument; logic of argument; quality of research or original thought; appropriate sense of complexity of the topic; appropriate awareness of opposing views.

Organization & Development: ____ points

Effective title; clarity of thesis statement; logical and clear arrangement of ideas; effective use of transitions; unity and coherence of paragraphs; good development of ideas through supporting detail and evidence.

Clarity & Style: _____ points

Ease of readability; appropriate voice, tone, and style for assignment; clarity of sentence structure; gracefulness of sentence structure; appropriate variety and maturity of sentence structure.

Sentence Structure & Mechanics: _____ points

Grammatically correct sentences; absence of comma splices, run-ons, fragments; absence of usage and grammatical errors; accurate spelling; careful proofreading; attractive and appropriate manuscript form.