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Essential Element: Writing

Signature Courses introduce students to college-level writing and thinking. Writing overlaps with other Signature Course goals, giving students an arena for grappling with interdisciplinary concepts, and allowing them to demonstrate critical thinking and inquiry skills. Whether you teach a UGS 302 seminar or a larger UGS 303 lecture, your class should give students a solid platform of writing skills that will serve them well in subsequent classes.

All UGS 302 courses carry the Writing Flag, and must meet the requirements for the flag.

There are four important points for you and your students to keep in mind.

Use the Signature Course office’s writing resources, including:

The information linked above will help you integrate writing productively into your Signature Course. Additional information is available on the Writing Flag Instructor Resources Canvas page (please email George Schorn if you are unable to log in to the Canvas page).