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"Ethics and the Art of Giving" Signature Course (UGS 303), Spring 2012



Special Signature Course open to first-year students who have not yet taken UGS 302 or UGS 303

Want to join a group of thirty UT students this spring that will give $100,000 to charity? It’s not their money, or the University’s; it comes instead from an anonymous foundation that wants to do good simultaneously in two ways—give to charity and help students learn the ways of generosity.

Entry to the course is by application. To apply for the course, visit the application page and submit a short essay (200-250 words) on the topic “Why Be Generous?” Deadline to apply is October 14 by 5pm. You will receive an email by October 24 letting you know whether you have been selected to enroll in the course.

This course will examine questions such as: What is generosity? Is it always a good thing? What kinds of benefits can charitable giving provide? How should we decide among different kinds of good things—such as the arts, education, public health, or the relief of poverty? The course will be taught by philosopher and dean Paul Woodruff. At the end of the course the students will have decided, on their own, how best to use the money, and they will present their gifts to the chosen charities.