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Analytic Rubric Using Primary Trait Analysis

From John Bean, Engaging Ideas

Scoring Guide

For the assignment on “The Secret Sharer,” your essay is supposed to provide a supported answer to the following question:

How has the experience with Leggatt changed the captain so that what he is at the end of the story is different from what he was at the beginning?

In order to do well on this paper, you need to do these things:

  1. Have your own clear answer to this question.
  2. Support your answer with strong arguments and textual detail.
  3. Make your essay clear enough for a reader to understand with one reading.

Criterion 1 (0-10 points)

Does your essay have a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph that answers the question regarding changes in the captain?

Criterion 2 (0-10 points)

Is your thesis supported with strong argumentation and use of significant details taken from the story?

Criterion 3

Is your essay easy for the reader to follow?

Paragraph & transitions (0-10 points)
Clear sentences (0-10 points)
Accurate mechanics (0-10 points)