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Newsletter—August 2019

The Signature Course Newsletter showcases outstanding Signature Courses, profiles faculty and TAs, and provides information about upcoming events. View archived editions of The Signature Course Newsletter.

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Signature Course Maymesters

The First-Year Experience Office is proud to announce our inaugural class of Signature Maymesters launching May 2020! Signature Maymesters are four-week, 3-credit Signature courses that take place in an international location, from late May to mid-June and are led by a UT Faculty Director.
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Signature Course Spotlight

Signature Course professor, Keffrelyn Brown, discusses what makes her course unique.
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A New Campus Gem

Explore the racial history and geography of UT’s Campus- hidden in plain sight with the racial geography tour.
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Public Speaking Center

The Sanger Learning Center and the School of Undergraduate Studies have partnered with the UT Libraries to provide free public speaking support for all UT students.
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