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Undergraduate Presenters

Poster Title Presenter Name
"Pearl of Africa": Colonial Presents, Miss Tourism and the Selling of a New Uganda
Annie Elledge
A 3D Two-color Dual-particle Tracking Microscope for the Study of DNA Dynamics in Free Solution
Phyllis Ang
A study of LGBT-inclusive practices in South Asian-American domestic violence services
Nikita Rao
A systematic review of young sibling visitation policies in the NICU
Hannah Phillips
A Tale Of Two Cities: The Evolution of Minority Representation Within The Austin City Council.
Mariadela Villegas Barrientos
Agriculture's Impact on Austin's Working Class
Kerri Cavanaugh
An Analysis of Performance & Effectiveness in Indian American Nonprofit Organizations
Devika Palaniswamy
An Interaction Perspective on Robot Learning for Domestic Service Robotics
Nicholas Walker
Analysis of Dimension Expansion in Spatial Models of American Voter Choice
Zachary Parrott
Analyzing the efficacy of improvisational music therapy as a treatment method for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Abigail Hall
Andean Ceramics: An Exploration of the Chimú Style
Nishmet Montelongo Reyes
Artistic Themes of the Ancient Peruvian Nazca Culture
Matthew Ewing
Artists as Tastemakers in the Contemporary Art World
Andrew Kim
Assessment of Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Components in Persons Who Stutter
Adrian Mihalcea
Bilingualism and Brokering: Examining Individual Differences in Verbal and Nonverbal Creativity
Paul Cockrum
Cancer Epidemiology in Romani-Americans
Naszrin Arani
Ceilings: Spacial Frontiers for the Marginalized Artist
Emily Lee
Characterize the transcriptomic and developmental mechanisms underlying a maternally- induced growth acceleration in house finches
Anokhi Kashiparekh
Clear Speech Enhancement by Beginning and Advanced Learners of Korean
Jailyn Pena
Collages of Italy
Erin Branscum
Communicating Mental Health Information to College Students
Ana Alyssa Hollander
Congressional Party Disloyalty in the House by Policy Area
Adam Hullet
Constituency Benefits: Why Senators Vote Against their Own Platform
John Jacobs
Contradictions in Scholarship and Practice of Italian Futurism
Rachel Balthrop
CPG-controlled bio-inspired robot based on Polychaete sp.
Huy Pham
Cross-cultural Relationships of Native American Women and their Depiction in Pop Culture
April Cavin
Cultural Appreciation vs. Cultural Appropriation
Sofia Puey
Cultural Appropriation in the Art Classroom
Lara Ksiazek
Death and Destruction of Black Mecca: The Gentrification of Historically Black Communities
Zaria El-Fil
Death and its Life: A Look into Funerary Practices of the Maya over Time
Veronica Rivera
Defining a matrix language
Vivek Sharath
Degenerate Art: Paul Klee and the Rise of the National Socialist Party
Allison Warnagiris
Designing Lighting Systems for Robots with Omnidirectional Cameras
Conner Dimoush
Determining U.S. Trade Policy
Luis Mijares
Development of a Biophysical Phenotyping Assay for the Early Detection of Metastatic Prostate Cancer
Katherine Blocher
Digit Force Magnitude and Inter-digit Force Coordination Effects on Performance of a Complex Low-Level Force Pinch Tracking Task (Work in Progress)
Jacob Vines
Digital History and the Supreme Court
Sarah Van Hoose
Disparities in Determinants of Early Childhood Caries in Rural and Urban Brazil
Simone Menezes
Does Academic Performance Warrant Congressional Response? An Exploration on the Context in which Education Policy is Predicated
Heron Cavazos
Dr. King's English: African American English as an anchor point for political and cultural innovation
Terence Kidd
Educación y Justicia: The Latinx Struggle
Luke Hernandez
Effect of Stereotypes on Physician Opioid Prescribing Behavior
Cyrus Daruwalla
Effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs in the treatment of prediabetes
Maanasa Chittari
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: School-age case studies
Andrea Chee
Exploiting a Prior 3D Map to Improve the Accuracy of CNN-Based Object Recognition
Siddarth Kaki
Expressively Vulgar: The effect of vulgarity on sentiment analysis in social media
Isabel Cachola
Faith-Based Case Management in the African American Population: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Kelsey Mumford
Female Silence in MOBA Games
Katie Phung
Gender in Art Classes
Katie Corkern
General Omar Torrijos
Gabriel Loehr
Giant Killers: The Legislative Consequences of Beating an Incumbent
Isabel Reyna
Health Systems and Access in Iran and the United States
Ehsan Saffari
Homo floresiensis: where does it stand?
Christopher Rathbone
How Art Teachers Grade Student Work
Julia Sunderman
Identifying Policy Trends in Bipartisan Senate Cosponsorship
Jake Herrel
Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies in East Africa
Feiruz Deres
Incorporation of Global Surgery in Graduate Medical Training
Kevin Chow
Increasing Geographic Literacy with Cerego
Elizabeth Guevara
Institutions in Thailand: How Private Property Rights Correlate to Positive Growth
Ashton Martin
Investigating Electrostatics in Proteins
Lisa Strong
Is Special Water Better? Examining the Effectiveness of Special Water Districts through Compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act
Jacob Pena
Islam in American News Media
Maheen Ahmed
Italy, Memory, Asseblage
Celeste Ballien
Learning Features to Model Opponent Behavior in Poker
Arjun Nagineni
Learning Tuscany
Alyssa Miller
Learning Tuscany
Jade Partain
Learning Tuscany
Anne Daubert
Learning Tuscany
Logan Larsen
Learning Tuscany: Branching out to Italy
Amy Anderson
Lobbying and Agenda Setting in Child Care Policy
Meagan Otten
Marital Status and Loneliness: Older Adults' Daily Communication and Activities
Lauren Morgan
Media Coverage of the New Zealand Supreme Court
Sierra Rowe
Mental health disparities among indigenous women in Guatemala
Kelly Martinez
microRNA Let7i Enhanced the Tamoxifen Sensitivity of Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7
Stephanie Kim
Miracle Aligner
Abigail Davis
Moderate Caucuses in the Age of Congressional Polarization
Jacob Rosen
Mythical Serpent On A Nazca Bowl
Abigail Orgeron
Nadëb Language Database
Mark Simmons
Nano delivery approaches to target the pericardium
Dennis Wang
Non-native Mandarin Tone Production: A Brain-Behavior Relationship
Elise Lebovidge
Noticing the Nuances of Uganda's Neoliberalism
Meraal Hakeem
Nuclear History and the Doomsday Clock
Shelby Bremigan
On the Indispensability of Mathematical Objects to Explaining Scientific Phenomena
David Sharp
One Size Does Not Fit All: Expanding the Original Adverse Childhood Experiences Model to Include Immigrant Experiences
Emily Burns
Open for Business? Policy Priorities in the Roberts Court
Phillip Allen
oss-Sectional Geometry Differences in the Forelimb of Wild Male and Female Baboons (Papio anubis)
Kaley Aguero
Peach-palm Terms Cross-linguistically in Amazonia
Emily Frazier
Phonological Working Memory in Adults Who Stutter
Alyssa Perkins
Quantifying in vitro targeted and chemotherapy-induced cellular alterations in a longitudinal study of HER2+ breast cancer; Authors: Alay Shah, Tessa Davis, Thomas Yankeelov, Anna Sorace
Alay Shah
Race, Constituency, and Representation in the U.S. House of Representatives
Mark Goldberg
Republican Majority Influence on Net Neutrality
Haris Khan
Spectral Analysis of Spacecraft via HETDEX
Jamie McCullough
Statutes and Statues: Policies of Iconoclasm and the Case of the Confederate Statue on University Campus Grounds
Akash Thakkar
Symbolic Reasoning for Automatic Signal Placement
Jacob Van Geffen
Teaching Intersectionality
Shelby Flowers
Technology in the Art Classroom
Karis Tillman
Textbooks to Test Scores: The Evolution of the Elementary Secondary Education Act
Emily Nguyen
The Affordable Care Act in A New Era of Differentiated Federalism
Sydney Mike-Mayer
The Blanton Cope
Alyssa Miller
The Computer-Based Instrument for Low motor Language Testing in American English
Lindsay Palmer
Jenna Conwisar
The Declining Abortion Rate
Ashley Vaughan
The Effects of Consumer Food Waste on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Sarah Spitler
The Health of Hispanic Young Adults Under the Affordable Care Act
Nicholas San Roman
The Mesoamerican Ball Game: A Deadly Sport
Rylie Cawthon
The Rise of Female Congressional Candidates and Women’s Issues in Party Platforms
Ariana Azimi
The Role of the Veterans Disability Compensation Program in Veterans’ Self-Concept
Jae Kwon
The Spiritual Peruvian Journey through Art
Katelyn Byrnes
Tourism, Terrorism, and Government Response
Karishma Reddy
Transitional Places: Sea and Land in Ancient Peruvian Iconography
Teegan Simonds
Trophy Head Nazca Ceramic
Ana de Salvidea
Ultra-Sensitive Assay Development for Early Detection of Tuberculosis
Mireya Almaraz
Using Machine Learning to differentiate Ancient Greek poetry from prose
Efthimios Gianitsos
Watercolors in Tuscany
Julia Sunderman
What Happens When Women Lose? A Look at the Effects of Losing Female Candidates on Female Constituent Attitudes and Behaviors
Katrina Wilkinson
What is the relationship between dissolved oxygen and nutrients in deep waters of the North Pacific Ocean?
Subramaniam Iyer
With Friends Like These: Polarization and Cooperation in the United States Senate
George Morris
Women in Ancient Maya Textiles
Sofia Yazpik
«Les couleurs et les sons se répondent»
Noel Rivera
“Celestial Maiden” Series
Mackenzie Nissen
“I can’t help you.” LGB Perspectives on Sexual Health in Health Care Settings
McKenna Gessner