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Undergraduate Presenters

2019 Undergraduate Presenters of the Longhorn Research Poster Session, Alphabetized by Last Name

Ahmed, Sarah – A Nation Imagines Womanhood: State feminism and gender regulation in postcolonial Egypt

Aigbe, Osedebamen – Studying the Role of HMGB Proteins in Nucleotide Excision Repair

Alexandra, Vanessa – An Exploration of Physicians’ Knowledge of Healthcare Costs

Allen, Daniel – Homegrown Heroes: The Political Behavior of Homegrown Representatives

Apgar, Chris – Evaluating off-target. Inconsistencies in Tau PET scans ([18F]AV-1451) of patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Arce, Isa – An Evaluation of the Early Impacts of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Overseas Labor Migration

Ashai, Sara – Islamophobia and its impact on Arab Americans: A Comparative Review of Health Outcomes between 2013 and 2016

Ashby, Marguerite – Comparative Network Analysis in Disaster Communication

Bahrami, Kiana – Development of Surface Modified Silica-gold Nanoshells for Biosensing Applications

Barr, Ariel – Floquet Hofstadter Butterfly on the Kagome Lattice

Bastami, Sepehr – The Bevo Beacon

Beech, Sarah – Human Trafficking: An Issue of Policy Prioritization

Berry, Blake – Effects of Social Media Photography on Memory

Berry, Chase, Alyssa LeLeux, Sarah Kate cone, and Lauren Rivera – The Impact of Art-based Community Engagement Projects

Berry, Jessica – A Multimodal Assessment of Negative Reactivity and Infant Stress

Bickman, Kinsey – Investigating the relationship between ADHD symptom burden and executive functions

Borbon, Dominic Bowen, Emily Garcia, and Shireen Shah – Investigating the relationship between ADHD symptom burden and executive functions

Branch, Taylor – Resistance training for the prevention of diabetic heart disease

Briggs, Hayley – Henry Moore: A Modernist’s Take on Pre-Columbian Forms

Brooks, Shelby – Strategies for Recruitment of Teens for a Biobehavioral Case-Control Study

Bryant, Ashlynn – How Do Women Impact Reproductive Rights Legislation? A state level analysis

Burniston, Mary Margaret – Security Concerns or Economic Diplomacy? The Causal Relationship between Oil Trade and OECD Immigration Policy

Burtch, Bethany – Do Refugees Cause Crime?

Cai, Yuan – The Impact of Mass Transfer on Ozone Deposition Velocity in Typical Residential Units

Campos, Diane – Latin American Art: An Analysis of Afro-Diasporic Representation

Caro-Gutierrez, Evelin – Fatherland or Death: Explaining Cuba’s Fluctuations in Human Rights
Practices since the 1959 Revolution

Casal, Fernando – Soil, sediments, and great waters: The Tabasco project and Mesoamerican cultural origins

Cassels, Coy – Congressional Attention to The Fed

Chakka, Keerthana – Suppression of defective motor transition in Parkinsonian C. elegans

Chang-Gu, Bruce – The N-terminal domain of the DHX36 helicase promotes recruitment and sampling of G-quadruplex structures

Chen, Lydia – Education and Cognitive Ability Testing: Vanuatu and Ghana

Cho, Christina, Rebecca Chen, Vida Nwadiei, and Timia Betha – The Color Complex

Choi, Erin – Developing Model Substrates to Characterize the Effect of Degron Arrangement on Degradation by 26S Proteasome

Christiansen, Morgan, Molly Dishman, Ari Hayaud-Din, Remi Gambino, and Stewart Schweinfurth – Facebook and Fake News: The Russian Operation

Chuvalo-Abraham, Jamie – Uncovering specific lung pathways as potential therapeutic targets in lung disease

Cioffi, Angelo – How to Interfere in US Politics Without Facebook: Foreign Influence Through the American Lobby

Clark, Allyson – The impact of religion and religiosity on parents’ reactions to LGB youth coming out: the mediating role of parents’ support

Clark, Morgan – The Spouted Vessels of Colha: Morphology, Iconography, and the Maya Meaning of Chocolate

Clidienst, Lexi – How Inclusive are Texas School Policies? An Analysis of LGBT+ Language in Enumerated School Policies

Coholich, Jeremiah – Strength Amplification Exoskeleton Flexure Design and Disturbance Observer

Conner, Marina – A World Without Words: Reconceptualizing Aphasia Through the Stories of Rape Survivors

Dang, Hoang Khanh Han Jocelyn – Development of Anionic Polymeric Nanoparticles for the Recognition of Model Protein Biomarkers

Daniel, Hannah – Physician-patient communication regarding fertility issues for adolescents and young adults with cancer

Danik, Andrew – Boko Haram and Nigeria: Two Sides of a COIN

Dao, Antoinette – Female Lawmakers: Topics They Choose and Avoid in Agenda Setting

David, Rachel – Evaluating proliferation and cell death in response to chemotherapy in triple negative breast cancer.

Davidson, Sarah – Protest in a Political Fashion: A Rhetorical Analysis of Constructed Identity through Costume in the French Revolution

deBeurs, Zoe – Using Artificial Intelligence to Discover Earth-Analogue Exoplanets

de la Cruz, Luis, Frida Olivia Ballard, Sandie Keerstock, and Gabrielle Shaddock – Speaking clearly can improve listener memory

Deayala, Christina – A Recommendation Report for the City of Austin Exploring West Campus Sexual Assault and Prevention

Derrick, Elaina and Robyn Lindsey Croft – Evidence-based treatment for preschoolers who stutter

Destain, Honorine – EXO1 and RNF212 Act at Different Stages of Homologous Recombination to Promote Crossover Formation

Djordjevic-Kisa, Milena – Diet, Health, and Mobility in the Roman Necropolis of Viminacium (Serbia)

Donthula, Deepanjli – Radhika Santawanam: The 18th Century Courts, Creativity and the Failures of Modernist Interpretation

Doran, Jeremy – America’s Second Southern Border? Mexico’s 2014 Programa Frontera Sur and the Widening of North American Immigration Cooperation

Dziuba, Jessica – Breastfeeing duration and long-term maternal weight

Eisenberg, Ariel – Depression among Native American Adolescents

El-Fil, Zaria – Labor, Terror, and Slavery: Reproduction and Gender in the Making of Nineteenth-Century America

Elizondo del bosque, Ruben – Catholicism and Hate Crimes: How the Catholic Faith is Helping to Keep Us Safe

Ellis, Brian – Towards the Use of Technology in Divesting Musical Agency

Enda, Grace – When Cities Place Bonds on Ballots and Why Voters Approve

England, Maryann – Predictors of Mothers’ Childbirth Experience

Fang, Jaden – Screening of potential proteins with binding affinity to RNA containing 8-oxoguanine in D. radiodurans

Feghali, Sylvia – Counter-narratives to counter violence: The power of grassroots community development in Eastleigh, Nairobi

Ferrell, Hailey – Anti-CIAP Aptamer Utilized in ELAA Diagnostic Tool for Multiple Sclerosis

Floyd, Macy and Christy Nguyen Cao – Antifungal Activity of P. Citrinum Against Plant Pathogens

Fotinos, Nikolas – Electoral Pressures on Judicial Decision Making

Franzen, Ronald – Characterizing the subventricular zone cytogenic response to ischemic cortical lesions

Frazier, Emily – A Social History of the Peach-palm in the Amazon Basin

Fritz, Connor – American Sign Language Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

Ganster, Allyson – Black Women and Grassroots Mobilization: The Impact of Social Media on Racial Justice Activism in Brazil and the United States

Geffory, Clara – Analyzing the Effect of Anonymous Campaign Finance Reform on Perceptions of Corruption

Gessner, McKenna – Contraceptive Care for Texas Teens: Access, Advocacy, and Adjudication

Giacomello, Emma – A Comprehensive Analysis and Inventory of the University of Texas Forensic Osteology Collection

Gonzalez, Emily – Storytelling Through Music: Intervention Effect on Work-Related Emotions Based on Years of Nursing Experience

Green, Demorick – Lost tribes revisited: clues of Israelite deportees in the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Grossman, Holly – Factors Affecting Mental Healthcare Utilization in the Austin Homeless Population

Grundhoefer, Jordan – The German Paradigm: German democracy’s influence on the Institution of Democracy

Guimiot, Henri – Divided Government: An Opportune Setting for More Congressional Oversight?

Gupte, Trisha – Public Attitudes Towards Mental Healthcare

Gurch, Josephine, Karla Roig, and Rosy Ponce – Indigenous Textile Collections in North America: How and Why We Display Them

Gwosdz, Amanda, Casey Flinn, and Aaron Garza – Mitigating Stereotype Threat for Children who Stutter through Self-Advocacy

Haberl, Catherine – When the Kids Discover Evidence That Santa Doesn’t Exist, Lie, Lie Again: Children’s Use of Contradictory Testimony in Reality Status Judgments of Novel Entities

Haideri, Tahir, Grant Howard, and Amy Brock – Chemotherapy Directed Changes in Clonal Abundance Within a Breast Cancer Cell Population Quantified Using COLBERT Barcode System

Hall, Joelean – The Giving Trees: Rural Public Goods Provision from Natural Resource Income

Hall, Matthew – Device for Correlation of Pupil Movement and Field of Vision in Mice

Hart, Sean – Is Self-Esteem Stability Related to the Distribution of its Contingencies?

Heiser, Jaclyn – Local Resource Dependence of Pollinators Based on Life Histories

Hermans, Vanamali – Why the NDIS is failing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: Exploring Disability Inequity experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with Disability

Hermosillo, Jesus – Neural Representations of Language…and Society?

Hernandez, Luke – Acoustemology of Darkness: Sound of the Garage

Ho, Nhi – Discovery of Novel Inhibitors Against New Delhi Metallo-β-lactamase-1 (NDM-1) Through Virtual Screening

Hodencq, Pauline – A Look at the Civic Code of 1804: Reforming the Civic Capacity of Married Women in Third Republic France

Hollman, Travis – The mapping of drug related crimes in Texas their relation to the closure rate of community-based programs

Hong, Seok jun – The MINER Experiment: A Link Between Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Horak, Richard – Host-Symbiont Interactions in Apis mellifera

Howard, Bevyn – “White Supremacy in Heels:” A Rhetorical Analysis of the Critiques of White Feminism

Howard, Eva – “Evita loves me”: Visual propaganda in Peronist Argentina, 1946-1952

Hsiao, Devon – “No place we won’t go”: Chinese traders in Kampala, Uganda

Huh, Heeyong – Flexible and Stretchable Piezoelectric Bio-Integrated Energy Harvester

Irrinki, Neha – Let’s Get Linked: Cash in on your LinkedIn profiles

Isgur, Dorothy – Tolerance in the United States

Janjua, Marji – Texas Population’s Oral Health Scan in Light of Water Fluoridation

Kahsay, Feven, Isadora Costa Motta de Carvalho, and Montserrat Gonzalez Alonso – Discovery of novel inhibitors for Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenamase-2 through virtual screening

Kandra, Jori – Capitalism’s Break Beat: Negative Effects of Capitalism on Minority Communities Analyzed through the Hip Hop Industry

Kannan, Preethi – Examining the Effect of V145L Point Mutation on the Solubility of CDHR3 Protein

Khoje, Anuj – Investigation of Vantablack coating as an improvement to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Water-Heating Solar Collectors

Khwaja, Areeba – Rebuilding Healthcare Systems in Post-Conflict Countries for Pediatric Populations: A Proposed Policy Model for Trans-National Organizations

Kilinska, Krysta – Party Polarization in the U.S. Congress: 108th Congress to Present

Kim, Mirae – Assessment of Metastatic Potential of Breast and Prostate Cancer Cells by Single-Particle Tracking

Kim, Stephanie – Let7i as an Enhancer of the Efficacy of Tamoxifen in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Knudson, Sean – Pediatric Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma of the Frontal Sinus: A Case Report

Kogut, Clay, Caitlyn McKey, Katheryn Woodard, and Elainy Lopez – Censorship in Art Education

Krishnamurthy, Srinidhi and Yashasvi Bolisetty – Vitalize: A Novel, Low-Cost, Machine Learning and Signal Processing Based Artificial Spinal Cord Framework for Paraplegics

Krishnaswamy, Pooja – Exploratory Study on Stress and Female Dentists

Kuehler, Morgan – Exploratory Study on Stress and Female Dentists

Kula, Jacob – The Cleavage Rate of NME2 Cas9

Kumar, Ishita – Synthesis and Characterization of a Unique Metal Organic Framework, Containing Reactive Open Metal Sites

Kunik, Illan – Suicidal Ideation and Associated Behavioral and Prefrontal-Paralimbic Activity in Young Adults with Familial Risk for Suicide and Bipolar Disorder

Laidler, Bret – Researching the viability of utilizing low cost consumer grade hardware for the purpose of Motion Capture

Lam, Angela – Effectiveness of Coping Mechanisms Implemented by University Students to Reduce and Manage Stress

Langston, Grace – AISD Desegregation Effects on Students’ Cultural Identities

Lee, Brady – Diazatrophic bacteria isolated from grass species Panicum halllii negatively impact the growth of Arabidopsis thaliana

Lee, Byeongju – Economic relation between Mexico and Korea after NAFTA agreement

Li, Qiuyu – Effect of Facial Bias in Medical Residency Applicant Match Success

Liao, Aaron – Metaporous Structures Produced by Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Limon, Samantha and Nora Valdez-Zuleta- Efficacy of Social Capital Theory in Community Led HIV Prevention Interventions for Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in the LGBTQ+ Community.

Lowrey, Kristen, Nathan Dinh, and Diane Campos – Addressing Identity in the Art Classroom

Lozano, Juan – Contested Capacity: Road Projects Intensifying Conflict Dynamics

Ly, Anh – Mental Illnesses and Barriers to Help Seeking Experienced by Vietnamese Americans in Austin, Texas

Magno, Gianeen – Investigating Disparities Between Mothers & Fathers Enrolling Children into a Pediatric Injury Biobank

Mahmood, Usman – Ready, Set, Take Action: Presidential Power Exertion on Failed State of the Union Proposals

Mai, Christine – A Literature Review: Lysozyme Phylogeny

Maldonado, Briza – Integrating a Region: The Politics of Mercosur

Maldonado, Matt – The Reactionary Presidency? The Speed of Executive Attention toward
Changing Party Initiatives during the “Great Broadening”

Malneedi, Yoshita – Age-related changes is aspects of circadian rhythm measures and its relationship to associative memory

Martinez-Sanchez, Lucia – Age-related changes is aspects of circadian rhythm measures and its relationship to associative memory

Matteson, Tomas – Studying the interactions of the RNA binding protein NOVA-1 with modified RNA relevant in human disease

McDonald, Holly – Articles to Bills: The Media’s influence on Congressional Attention to
Mental Health

Miller, Natalie – Speech Interval Preference: Does Musical Training Impact Linguistic Pitch Perception?

Mirazee, Justin – T cells express Fc-gamma-receptors and thus can be inhibited by IgG Immune Complexes (ICs)

Mitchell, Ana – Latinx Student Experiences with Language and Race on Campus

Mohammad, Farouq – Parallel Computing in Human Brain Simulation

Morrison, Maike – Analyzing Conscientious Vaccination Exemption Rates in Texas Schools

Moten, Octavian – The Transformation from Daycare to Detention Centers: The Equivalency Between Public Schools and Prisons

Mumford, Kelsey – Investigating the Correlation between Action Prediction and Social Responsiveness

Nagy, Laura – Developmental Language Disorders and Auditory Processing Disorder: An exploration of the correlation between language and auditory processing

Neely, Scarlett – Fighting for the Regular: The Problem Solvers Caucus

Nguyen, Han – The Rise of Subscription Services

Nunez-Rodriguez, Angie – (Me)Xican Healing Arts: Daily Doses of arté rascuache

Nyquist, Lauren, Maya Patel, Abigail Kuchek, and Milena Djordjevic-Kisacanin – Democratic Dialogues: Youth, political participation, and social media surrounding the Ukrainian
presidential election

Okafor, Odera – Reclaiming Our Power: Black Women Resisting Medicalized Birthing

Ortiz Jr., Felix – The Experience of Interned Japanese-Americans through Internment Camp Newspapers

Ounsinegad, Seena – Sexual Experiences and Mental Health in Men: The Ganymede Study

Owolabi, Michael – Tailoring Healthcare Interventions in West Africa

Palepu, Sriram – Hexavalent Chromate Levels along the Godavari River
Palomares carranco, Maria – Imagined and Consumed Mexicanidad: Narratives of Mexican Authenticity

Pamplin, Thomaia – Too Often Unheard: The Narratives and Medical Experiences of Misdiagnosed Black Women

Parks, Savannah, Lauren Ashley Nichols, and Alekka Senae Hernandez – Addressing Contemporary Politics in the Art Classroom

Pearce, Logan – Orbital Motion of the Wide Planetary Mass Companion GSC 6214-210 b: No evidence for dynamical scattering

Pearce, Ashleigh – Finding the North African ‘Abduh: Translating the Islamic Reform Movement across the Arabic-Speaking East and West

Phung, Becky – Establishment of Cotton Recycling Systems for Solid Waste Reductions & Fashion Sustainability Enhancement

Piotrowicz, Mathew – Using 3D Printing for Cheaper, Standardized fNIRS cap Manufacturing

Piracha, Mobin – Does Monitoring Corruption Crowd Out Collective Action?

Plata, Yadira – Cognitive flexibility in monolingual and bilingual adolescents

Pridgen, Jacey – Regulation of JNK2 Constitutive Activation by Self Association

Pruden, Riley – Active Bible Study Practices in a Bible Literalist Church

Qin, Yu – Identification of ZNF219 as a DNA damage response factor in human cells

Rahman, Nima – Transgenerational influence of alcohol on alcohol sensitivity by epigenetics

Raj, Joel, Michelle Bao, Aleena Jamal, and Victor Chien – Identification and Analysis of Endophytic Population in Juniper Trees

Raja, Sabina – 2pac was a true Paki: A brief survey of South Asian participation in Hip Hop

Ramirez, Ana – Public Goods and Reelection: Evidence from Mexico

Ramirez, Blanca – Close Elections, Corruption and Drug-Related Violence: Evidence from Mexico

Reese, Hayley – Natural Resources and International Environmental Compliance

Riggs, Meredith – If the athlete runs to ‘the ball,’ is it ‘la pelota’ or ‘el baile’?

Rodriguez, Jacob – Exploring the Effects of Executive Functioning on Causal Reasoning in 5-Year-Olds

Rollins, Kirstin – Factors that influence natural variance of magnetic orientation behavior for the nematode C. elegans

Romero, Catherine – Synthesis and Study of New Phosphine and Arsine Coordination Materials and Post-Synthetic Modifications

Rosa, Lauren and Nicole Natalie Small – Perception vs Reality: Are Perceptions More Predictive of Long-Term Relationship Outcomes than Reality?

Ruangsirikulchai, Arisa – Developmental History of Return-Flow Channels Caused by Hurricane Harvey at San Jose Island, Texas, USA

Sabnis, Sarika – Words as Contagion: Applying compartmental models to study language transmission

Saldana, Marco – Xenophon’s Notion of Tyranny

Salguero, Jacquelyn – Ultra fine scale phentotypical divergence in three spined sticklebacks

Salhadar, Karim – Improved hMSC Seeding of 3D-Printed Bone Grafts

Salvady, Karun – A High-Throughput Screening Platform for the Identification of Novel Pharmacoperones for SOD1-linked Familial ALS

Sandoval, Brittany – Characterization of Chemically Induced Heat Shock Proteins Expression Kinetics in Human Renal Epithelial Cells for Cell and Tissue Preservation

Sariol, Ana – Cold War Cold Shoulder: How the Difference in Cuban Immigrant Treatment by the U.S. Affects Psychological Health

Schubert, Carson, Pratyush Singh, Nihal Dhamani, and Gavin Martin – Machine Learning in Space: Vision-Based Navigation on the Seeker-1 CubeSat

Sears, Mackenzie – The Role of Shared Environmental Influences in Child and Adolescent Depression

Shafaei, Naseem, Patricia Benrey, ad Katherine Winters – Exploring the relationship between stuttering frequency and communication attitude in preschoolers who stutter

Shah, Malav and Burzin Balsara – EyeMove: Using Electrooculography to Provide Mobility for the Disabled

Sharafi, Bahareh – Multidimensional Anaylsis on Servant Leadership

Shen, Zili – KDG 215: A Late-blooming Galaxy

Shi, Ted – A Novel Peptide Restricts Ethanol Modulation of the BK Channel In Vitro and In Vivo

Shkolnaya, Mariya – Development of new sigma 2 receptor (Sig2R) ligands as potential therapeutic agents with neuroprotective effects

Shull, Mackenna – Refugee Flows and Conflict Spillover: Investing in Protection Capacity for Refugees. . . and Against Intrastate Conflict

Simmons, Mark – Revised Nadeb Phonological Analysis

Sims, Ian – International cooperation in curtailing the distribution of fentanyl and fentanyl analogues

Slusher, Chloe – Bureaucratic rules and the Supreme Court

Solis-Bautista, Cecilia – Women in Colonial Borderlands

Soubra, Yasmine – Intersectional Experiences of the City: Kampala, Uganda

Srinivasan, Tarika – Disclosure, Communication, and Ethical Decision-Making Among Indian Physicians

Steele, Sarah – The acquisition of verb complement bracketing by L2 learners of German

Stegemeier, Callie – An Assessment of Predicting Prolonged Treatment in a Youth Anxiety Intervention

Strickland, Kathryn – Agenda Setting on the High Court of Australia

Strubel, Katherine – Public Law Titles: Relationship Between Title Complexity and Length

Su, Thomas – Synthesis of Ctr1-mEos3.2 Fusion Protein through Molecular Cloning

Suh, Erik – The Rise of Military Hearings in Congress During the Great Broadening

Sun, Shantao – Pyrene-Linked Formylated Bis(dipyrromethane): A Fluorescent Probe for Dihydrogen Phosphate

Swan, Jordan – Cyclic Impacts of Media Representations on the Marginalization of African Americans

Tajani, Shama – Effects on Maternal Mood

Talanker, Michael – Development of a Tunable Redox Hydrogel Coating Method for Multilayer Vascular Grafts

Talesara, Ishaana – Precision and Bias in the US Electoral College System: 1836-2016

Tantravahi, Adityamohan – Does Principal-Agent Theory Crowd Out Monitoring?

Tat, Vivian – The News Media’s Coverage of Fentanyl in the United States

Teel, Morgan – Effects of Heterogeneity, Ionic Interactions, and Size on Reverse Micelle Interface Dynamics

Telidevara, Anjana kaushik – Characterizing SFR and Gas in SHIELD Galaxies

Tepper, Sydney – Women Supporting Women: Trends of Co-sponsorship of Women in the House of Representatives Based Off Party Affiliations

Thakkar, Akash – Weather to Kill: The Effect of Temperature on Daily Incidents of Crime

Tisdale, Hannah-Ainslie – What Explains Newspaper Coverage of Decisions of the High Court of Australia?

Van Hoose, Sarah – Reinstating Roger: The British Army’s Paradoxical Use of the Rum Ration in the First World War

Van Wagoner, Alexander – The Devil Dogs of War: How Psychological Warfare Affected the Marines in the Pacific War

Vernon, Emily – Sport as Nation: A Rhetorical Analysis of FC Barcelona’s Catalanism

Villalobos, Sierra – Instagram As Museum Space

Vlassova, Ksenia, Sofya Tkachman, and Obinna Akahara – CNS Inventor’s Studio

Wagner, Lauren – Influence of Spanish acquisition age on noun conceptualization in bilinguals

Waldron, Christina – PolyHIPEs Microspheres for Growth Factor Delivery from Bone Grafts

Wang, Rebecca – A Study on the Stretchability of Polymer-Supported CVD Graphene

Williams, Celeste – Comparing Group Size and Vegetation Variation in Verreaux’s sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi)

Wilson, Brooke – Examining the Harm Reduction Approach in Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Wilson, Sylvia – Representations of the American West: The Sweetwater Jaycees’ World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup

Wu, Alexander – A Robust Longitudinal Co-culture of Obligate Anaerobic Gut Microbiome with Human Intestinal Epithelium in an Anoxic-Oxic Interface-on-a-Chip

Wu, Katherine – Educating Children with Disabilities: Research, Policy, and Practice

Wu, Serena – Live Discharge from Hospice: A Systematic Review

Yang, Emily – Marine Polysaccharides as Novel Therapeutics for Atherosclerosis

Yin, Jessie – Aging Out: Unaccompanied Minors at the Border

Yoo, Uksang – Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Reliable Fluidic Elastomer Actuator Position Control

Yu, Andy – Taz Overexpression in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Induces Transdifferentiation Towards Trophectoderm Lineage

Zafar, Hadiqa – Synthesis and Metalation of Expanded Porphyrins

Zatyko, Kyle – Long Term Pre-Synaptic Plasticity: Axonal Bouton Growth at the CA1-CA3 Synapse

Zhao, Oliver – High-Throughput Platform for Silver NanoCluster Beacon Activator Sequence Selection

Zhong, Ling – Speech perception in noise for native and non-native speakers: the impact of semantic and syntactic cues

Zhuang, Deborah – Viva la TORC: Control of Macromolecular Assembly through Tunable Orthogonal Reversible Covalent (TORC) Bonding

Zuniga, Alejandra – Does Militarization Increase Violence: Evidence from Mexico

Zwang, Francesca – Commercial Beekeeping In Ancient Greece