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Longhorn Research Poster Session

The 2021 Longhorn Research Poster Session will take place virtually on April 14-15. Posters will be available to view until Monday, April 19, 2021.


Presenters will be available on Zoom to discuss their work during the times below. To access the presenters’ Zoom information, please view their poster.

Wednesday, April 14, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Kevin Nguyen— Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Porous Nanolattice Structures

Aneesa Mohammed— Identifying Dynamic Forces of Floating Photovoltaic Structures in a Typhoon Case Using Multi-Unit Simulation

Nima Rahman— BoJack Horseman: A Narrative Analysis of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Sanjana Kalvakuntla, Health Science Scholars— The Use of Virtual Reality in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: A Review

Joyce Tiong — Changing Neighborhoods: The Demographics of Displacement in Austin

Afnan Mir, Matthew Yu— Investigation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms for Multistring Photovoltaics

Sophia Luongo— Women’s Motivations for Contested Land-Use Activism and Community Organizing in Sicily

Christine Nguyen— Maybe She’s Born with It: The Intersection of Beauty and Privilege in America

Andrea Claudia Mauri— The Sounds of Santo Spirito: Soundscapes, Public Space, and the Preservation of the Past

Ishani Pandya— Strategic Messaging Surrounding Russian Targeted Killing Operations

Gracie Awalt, Anastazja Harris (M.A.), Dr. Keri Stephens (Ph.D.)— Hired by AI: College students’ perceptions of AI’s ability to interpret verbal and nonverbal communication tactics

Mitchell Schonhoeft— Foreign Aid and Migration: Does Aid Reduce Migration?

Soham Datar – primary author, River Tomlinson – primary author, Taylor Masters, David Sarabia— Metabolomic Profiling of Texas Grapevines using Mass Spectrometry

Hannah Barden— Constructive and Deconstructive coping as a Mediator Between Depression and Relationship Satisfaction

Kristine Adiele, Lauren Cebulske, Livia Frost, Kristian Jones & Siddha Sannighari, Alexandra García, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Julie Zuñiga, Ph.D., RN, FAANThe Impact of COVID-19 on The Self-Management of Individuals with Chronic Conditions

Holli F. Corbo— Synthesis of a Chemical Probe for RNA Aptamer

Jason Eric A. Ancheta— The Development of Financial Regulation Laws in the USA

Shilpa Rumalla— Deciphering PIWIL3’s RNA-Interaction Partners and Functions during Uncontrolled Cancer Cell Growth

Neha Kumar— Overcoming Stigma Against Substance Use Disorder at Hospitals Across India: A Proposed Intervention

Eena Lin— Compassionate Communication in Pediatric Palliative Care

John Erard— Mapping the Reparto de Tierras in Michoacán, Mexico

Amulya Agrawal— Measuring School Attachment During Early Childhood

Nicholas J. Romanow— NATO in the Asian Century: How the Rise of China Impacts the Transatlantic Alliance

David Zane, Austin Public Health; Davis Roe, School of Human Ecology, College of Natural Sciences— COVID-19 + Injury Connections: A Literature Review

Fadi Istelinides, Tse-Ang Lee, Tanya Hutter— Simulating Adsorption of COVID-19 Virus Particles in Nanoporous Material

Grace Terrell; Dr. Gwendolyn Stovall, Research Educator; Dr. Andrew Ellington, Principal Investigator— Building Phylogenies to Determine Propagation of Errors in Publications Concerning the Cox Lysozyme Aptamer

Oswaldo Ceballos — A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Medical Diagnostics

Aditi Merchant— Evaluation of Odorant Efficacy for Promoting Facial Nerve Regeneration After Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Cathy Nguyen— Prehabilitation for Abdominal Cancer Patients: An Accelerometery Study

Benjamin Brown— The Spirit of Federal Stewardship in the Early Twentieth Century

Treshayla Brown— Co-registration and Data Extraction of Spatial Domain Frequency Images of Basal Cell Carcinoma Tissues

Wednesday, April 14, 12 – 2 p.m.

Erica Colston— State Public Signaling: Assassination After the Attack

Yasmine Kayali— The Politics of Pregnancies: Medicaid Expansion’s Impact on State Unintended Pregnancy Rates

Dorothy Isgur— Liberal Social Movements & Tolerance Levels

Spencer Chang— Bipartisanship in the Senate for Reelection vs. Non-Reelection Cycles

Minha Ghani, B.S.; Tapasvini Paralkar, B.S.; Abel Sandoval Gonzalez; Sawyer Stubbs, B.S.A; Syed Hadi Ahmed; Nico Osier, Ph.D., B.S.N., B.S., R.N.— Concordance Levels In Pediatric And Parent Proxy Responses To PROMIS Surveys

Marco Mejía— How do agricultural exports effect the welfare state?

Annabelle Vincent and Mackenzie Noell— Investigating Potential Inhibitors of an Essential Enzyme of Mycobacterium tuberculosis through High Performance Computing

Avery Little— The Relationship Between IPV and Epidemics

Ariana Solis— Government of the People, By the People, for the People: Prison Reform

Jack Bane— Communication Between Patients and Healthcare Providers in the Context of Life-Threatening Illness

Orhun Davarci, Emily Y. Yang, Alex Viguerie, Thomas E. Yankeelov, Guillermo Lorenzo— Integrating epidemiological data and mathematical models to forecast COVID-19 spread in the United States

Ali Askari— Long-Term Preservation and aggregation of Aptamer Research Utilizing a Comprehensive Dataset Consisting of Over One-Thousand Entries Displayed via An Online Database

Katherine Faulkner— Categorizing Variations of Phanerozoic Foraminifera

Alexander Boltz— The Silicon Hill: What Affects Congressional Technology Activity?

Myra Kurjee, Priyanka Khante, Kaya de Barbaro, Ph.D.— The Role of Household Chaos and Maternal Mental Health in Infant Sleep Consolidation

Alizer Khowaja and Matt Dean— Emissions Impact of Repurposed Electric Vehicle Batteries in Residential Settings

Aleena Jamal, Neha Dronamraju, Camelia Esmaili— Meeting the Spiritual Concerns of Patients During Advance Care Planning in the COVID-19 Era

Arian Veyssi, Rashmi Mohanty— Save Plastic Save Money: Recycling/Reusing Biological Plastic Wastes

Madison Sheridan, Shilpa Rumalla, Aidan Wilhite, Madeleine Montgomery— Art Without a Frame: Using Digital Storytelling to Navigate Borders in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Rohan Tummala— Applying Business Principles Within American Hospital Systems to Improve Cost-Effectiveness

Chau Phung, Mandy Yuan, Queen Thomas, Cici Lu— Exploring unintended pregnancies and risks among Black and LatinX women in Travis County, Texas

Ronak Desai, Dr. Adrian Keatinge-Clay— Engineering Insights Offered by Repetitive Sequences in Modular Polyketide Synthases

Aniket Sanghi, Yifan Zhou, Brendan P. Bowler— Reference Star Differential Imaging of the PDS70 System with HST/WFC3 Images

Evan Samsky— The Soviet Stolovaya and 1991: A culture of food assistance during and after the USSR

Zachery Alexander— Negative Advertisements’ Effects on the Electorate: Competition Increases Attention

Andy Zhou and Rebecca L. Young— Individual and Sex Differences in Egg Yolk Proteome

Phoebe Anderson, Tehila Nugiel, Jessica A. Church— Executive function in non-clinical siblings of diagnosed adolescents

Gaurang Dhingra— Congressional Attention on the Macroeconomy During Economic Recessions

Aditi Merchant, Alaukik Gupta, Angela Ge, Conrad Li, David Park, Gwyneth Obediente, Justin Shih, Katy De La Rosa, Leia Jiang, Matthew De Guzman, Nehali Shah, Sabah Jamal, Tyler Tran— Automated Leukemia Detection: A Low-Cost, All-In-One Method to Detect Leukemia from Blood Smear Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Emily Wang— Investigating the Success of Managed Care Reform in Texas

Shuda Xia— Analysis of Public Policies for Mental Health in the Homeless

Esther Kim— Utilizing Social Infrastructure to Reduce Black Infant Mortality

Cat McCoy— Sign of the ‘Times’

Thursday, April 15, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Argha Bandyopadhyay— Unsupervised Objective Criterion Choice for Optimal Single-Molecule Analysis

Priyanka Reddy— Effects of Health Literacy and Activation Among Bhutanese Refugees

Shivani Kottur— Mindfulness and Meditation as a Novel Approach to Treating PTSD in Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Poonum Mehta— Remodeling the Minority: An Intersectional Approach to Analyzing South Asian Anglophone Literature

Sawyer Stubbs, Linda Yoo, Prarthana Pilla, Doru Gucer, Dr. Karla Lawson, Karen Piper, Dr. Amanda N. Barczyk, Dr. Nico Osier— Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injuries in Central Texas 2013-2018

Bhargavi Sarangapani, Nehali Shah— Why Optical, Point- of- Care Microfluidics to Measure Blood Viscosity and Coagulation is a Necessity

Thursday, April 15, 12 – 2 p.m.

Timothy Jackson— The Enthusiastic Voter: How Age Affects Voter Enthusiasm

Mahina Adams— Women’s Rights and Congress

Alexandra Kader— Intersectional Ana Mendieta: Embodying, Depicting, and Supporting Intersectionality

Sriranjani Darbha, Eashwar Mahadevan, Dr. Sudarshan Rajagopal— G Protein-Coupled Receptors Complexing With Specific G-Alpha Proteins and Beta-Arrestins

Kinza Meghani— Stroke Awareness and Proposed Stroke Health Campaign in Mombasa, Kenya

Marco Hernandez — The impact of child separations on the southern border on children’s health

Desiree Lama, School of Human Ecology and Dr. Belem Lopez, Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies— The role of codeswitching on cultural identity in Spanish-English bilingual communities

Finlay Scanlon— On the Margins of Statehood: The Efficacy of Hard and Soft Power Diplomacy in Taiwan

Anusha Naeem — Investigating the Ideal Role for Medical Interpreters in Healthcare

John Dusty Rovin— Healing Covid-19 in the Upper Rio Negro: Indigenous shamans and the pandemic in Brazil

Hannah Lee, Jared Culpepper— Detecting and Classifying Strokes Using Electrical Impedance Tomography

Nabeeha Engineer— The Influence of Racial Discrimination on Health Outcomes in Children

Tanner Krause— The Rights of the Goddess: The Development of the Rights of Nature Movement in India

Gabrielle McDaniel, Shalom Akinwunmi, Velta Brenya, Liesl Nydegger Ph.D., MPHSuperwomen Schema: Uncovering Repercussions of Coping Strategies Used Among Black Women

Anwesha Ranabijuli— Impact of a Probiotic Supplemented Diet on Spatial Learning Abilities in Amazon Mollies

Rane Prak— The Shifting of Gender Roles in Khmer Stories and Adaptations

George Strong— Political Party Platforms and Competing Political Parties

Brian Folkers— US Party Foreign Alignment: Attention to Foreign Policy and Defense During and After the Cold War

Negar Koupaei— Examining the Biochemical Activity of Anti-CRISPR Protein, AcrIIA7

Allana Lopez— ‘Observe or Participate?’: Unorthodoxy and Engagement in the Hannibal Fandom

Faris Zaibaq & Daniel A. Singleton— Progress toward the Absolute Asymmetric Synthesis of Homochiral Peptides

Cristina Salas— Creating a CDX2 mutant to identify the active site on CDX2 responsible for ATM/MRN inhibition

Isabella Joseph, Trevor Simmons— Modeling Csr System and BarA/UvrY Two Component System (TCS) in response to stress

Isabella Joseph, Cassandra Huff, Mikayla Waters, Sophia Xu and Niruti Dhoble— Designing a makeshift emergency ventilator to address ventilator shortage during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, April 15, 1 – 3 p.m.

Nicolas Gonzalez— Civil Rights Cases & The Composition of The Supreme Court

Jason Shenoi, Karim Salhadar, Prachi Dhavalikar, and Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez— Methods of Increasing Pore Size in PolyHIPE Scaffolds for Improved Cell Infiltration

Isabel Chapa— Chemisorption of Atomic Layer Etching and Atomic Layer Deposition Precursors on Silicon Nitride Slab

Natalie Blandon, Paola Kauachi, Katherine Winters, ABD, CCC-SLP, Courtney T. Byrd, Ph.D., CCC-SLPThe influence of parent goals on parent-child communicative exchanges: A preliminary investigation

Cora Garcia, Pierre Lau, Alexandria Payne, Jordan Gomez, Pierre Lesne, Spencer Behmer, Juliana Rangel— Honey bee (Apis mellifera) macronutrient regulation: Nurse bee nutritional preferences for protein and lipid

Julia Zheng, Maria Nguyen, and Rory Malek— Developing a Biomarker-Based Diagnostic Panel for Melanoma

Ray Zhang, Philip Sweet— Developing Mutant Strains of Shewanella Oneidensis That Optimizes Electricity Generation Through the Mtr Pathway

Kelly Kim— Addressing the barriers to seeking mental health services for Asian immigrant victims of intimate partner violence

Cynthia Sun— Propaganda and the Bifurcated Political Sentiments of Chinese Diaspora: A United States Case Study

Matthew S. Santoso— Quantitatively Determining Macrovoid Densities to Investigate the Relationship Between Polymer Solution Rheology and Their Resulting Membrane Morphology

Sebastian Barker, Dena Aoufi— MRSA Undecaprenyl Diphosphatase Inhibition

Samuel Bello, Heeyong Huh, Pulin Wang, Nanshu Lu— Long-Term Dynamic Muscle Fatigue Analysis using EMD

Janice Oh and Dr. Soo Hyun Yang— Identifying the Site of CDX2 That Prevents Proper DNA Repair

Sangavai Ganesh— The Role of Trust in Racial Disparities in Maternal Care

Carrie Chen— The Continuous Loop: Sexism in the Gaming Community and Workplace

Angie Kaufman— Shifting Towards Sustainability: A Proposal for How to Cultivate More Sustainable Decision-Making

Iynkary Warren— Issue Ownership During and After the Great Broadening

Umar Burney, Aminur Chowdury, Tanya Hutter, Tse-Ang Lee— Detection of Toxins in Hand Sanitizers using NIR Spectroscopy

Joseph Cascino— Manifest Democracy: Millennial Suburban Flow and its Effect on Voting Patterns

Evan Shimek— Laws Restricting Worker Collectivization and their Effects on Quality of Life: Evidence from the United States