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Tables and Events

Research Week allows colleges, schools, departments, programs, and research units to showcase the exciting work their students are doing. It also publicizes opportunities for students to get involved in research or creative activity and provide venues for students to practice presenting their research and creative work.

Host an event during research week


Whether you have an existing event or plan to develop a new one, register your event to be part of Research Week 2019. Registered events will be listed on the Research Week events calendar and included in promotional materials. Examples of Research Week events include college and departmental poster sessions, oral research presentations and symposia, workshops or panels on how students can get involved in research in a particular area, performances, showcases of creative work, and research awards banquets. Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research if you would like suggestions on developing a new event.

Although the official dates for Research Week 2019 are April 15-19, you may also register events that will take place during the weeks immediately preceding or following Research Week. Please consider consulting the current events calendar before finalizing your event to reduce the chances that it will conflict with another event that has already been registered. The final deadline to register an event or submit event updates for the printed program will be Friday, April 5, 2019. Changes or additions to the online events calendar may occur after the deadline, but we cannot guarantee their placement in the printed program.

Host a table for your unit or organization at the Longhorn Research Poster Session

Does your organization connect students with opportunities or resources to get involved in undergraduate research or creative activity? Host a table at the Longhorn Research Poster Session on Wednesday, April 17, noon – 2 p.m. Held at the Union Ballroom, the poster session is an event where departments, colleges, programs, and student organizations from across campus highlight their activities and opportunities for student involvement. By hosting a table at the poster session, you can publicize your organization to students, hand out informational materials, and showcase products, creative work, and artifacts resulting from student work. Students presenting work at your table are asked to separately submit an abstract so that their names will appear in the poster session program. (Students whose research or creative activity does not involve physical artifacts are advised to present their work as a poster.) Click here to register a table for the Longhorn Research Poster Session.

Encourage your students to participate in Research Week

Help us get the word out to students about Research Week and all of the exciting events and opportunities it brings to undergraduates at UT. View a full listing of registered events on our calendar, which will continue to be updated as new events are registered. If you would like Research Week 2018 fliers to hand out to your students, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research by email or by phone at 512-471-7152.