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Undergraduate Presenters

Poster Title Presenter Name
"Look What the Bride Has Got On!": A Visual Discourse Analysis of the Ugandan Wedding Industry
Annie Elledge
A Bacterial Method to Target Enteric Neuropathy
Celine-Lea Halioua-Haubold
A Comparative Assessment of Poverty and Poverty Alleviation in Urban Texas Cities
Riley Brown
A Mathematical Analysis of Snare Drumming Technique
Aundre Wesley
A New Pedagogy: Undergraduate Art History Courses for (Pre-) Medical Professions
Noah Giese
A Provenience Study of Terminal Classic and Post-Classic Ceramics from the Maya Site of Colha
Sheldon Smith
A tale of two labor markets: How the 2008 crisis can help explain the EU’s failing Franco-German motor
Gauthier Fally
Adolescent suicidality and school-related measures: Trajectories of academic achievement and school connectedness
Shimei Nelapati
Agenda-Setting on the New Zealand Supreme Court: The Role of Law
Kirsten Wolfford
An Assessment of University Infrastructure Impact on the Safety of Individuals with Physical Disabilities
Natalie Weston
An exploration of bilingualism and reading comprehension in struggling readers
Mackenzie Mitchell
Analysis of routine venipuncture education and practice among acute care nurses
John Park
Application of Ayurvedic Medicine to Complement Current Medicinal Practices in the U.S.
Sruthi Kumpatla
Approval as a Mechanism of Consistent Contraceptive Use in Adolescence and the Prediction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Adulthood
Mileena Leonard
Are all Judicial Decisions Political Equals?
Shivani Shah
Art History Memes & the History of Image Appropriation
Mackenzie Nissen
Auditory Free Classification of Early and Late Spanish-English Bilinguals
Maria Gavino Rodriguez
Bilingual Annotation Tasks
Eric Nordstrom
Birth state affect on senators votes
Marcos Sonthay
Bronze Siena Virgin
Valerie Chang
Case Management to Enhance Health Promotion in Black, Lower-Income Adults
Kelsey Mumford
Cognition in the Sanctuary Movement: a new perspective on the emergence of high-risk activism
Charles Difalco
Combatting Modes of Orientalism in Exhibitions of Islamic Art
Lindsey Reynolds
Common Law Committee Jurisdiction Decisions
Hutton Sentell
Competition and forgetting during context-based episodic memory retrieval
Stephanie Jeanneret
Continued Development of Solar Powered Sintering Device
Mercedes Wood
Contraception Use in College Aged Latinas of Mexican-Origin
Fatima Frausto
Controlling Death: Suicide and the Eighteenth-Century English State
Katherine Rickert
Creative Expressions: The Use of Art to Promote Well-Being
Priscilla Myers
Cross-Linguistic Pronominal Differences in Interpretation
Marcus Martinez
De Jure: A Comparative Analysis of the Formation of Slave Law in Louisiana and Texas
Elizabeth Jones
Developing an early interest in science scale to be used with children
Esttivalis Antinori
Differentiated Instruction
Jade Partain
Dispelling Climate Change Denial Through Art
Melissa O'sullivan
Disputing the Place of Tournai in the Canon of High Gothic Architecture
Nicholas Purgett
Diversity’s Effect on the U.S Congress When Compared to the U.S. Population
Isabel Reyna
Early speech production outcomes in young children with hearing loss
Hoyoung Yi
Effects of Speaking Style and Context on Online Word Recognition in Children
Laura Nagy
Effects of speech clarity on sentence recognition memory for native and non-native English speakers
Irene Smith
Effects of transcranial infrared laser stimulation (TILS) on decision making in young adults
Veronica Almendarez
Effects of Yoga on Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
Alondra Guerra
Environment and Depression
Meghna Ravi
Evaluating an Alternate Method for the Analysis of Meteoric Amino Acids
Pia Sen
Evidence based treatment for stuttering: a preschool case study
Elizabeth Hampton
Evidence based treatment for stuttering: an adult case study
Elizabeth Hampton
Evidence based treatment for stuttering: an adult case study
Elizabeth Hampton
Exploration of resonance in dynamical systems using numerical techniques
Jose Garcia
Exploring The Relationship Between Preschoolers' Preference for Causal Information and Degree of Systemizing Mindset
Danielle Green
Priscilla Liem
FCPA Enforcement: Are the costs outweighing the benefits for individual firms?
Samantha Wendt
Finding Novel Inhibitors of 6-phosphogluconate-dehydrogenase of Leishmania major through Virtual Screening
Laura Luo
From Genotype to Phenotype: Assembly and Annotation of Two Fungal Genomes
Brianna Barry
Funding Complications of Conservation in Italy
Alyssa Miller
Gender Partisanship: Differences in Senatorial Twitter Behavior
Brenna Wurm
Going Digital: Presenting UT Campus History in the 21st Century
Jennifer Levin
Healthcare in the US; Differences across the Nation
Antonio Hernandez
Hup Pedagogical Grammar
Lauren Wagner
Hydraulic Fracturing and Texas
Jade Watkins
Iconography of Intolerance: Monastic Reponses to Eastern Knowledge in the Early 13th Century
Nicholas Purgett
Identity Crisis: The Architecture of Postwar Reconstruction in the City of London
Alexandra Dolan
Improving Healthcare Access in the Developing World Using Telemedicine
Jorge Zamora
Inclusivity in the Arts
Hannah Fipp-Rosenfield
Is There a Lawyer in the House? : the Effects of Lawyers on the Policy Making Process
Stephanie Ward
Landscape of Castiglion, Fiorentino
Katherine Ray
Laughter's effect on learning in the classroom
Jonathon Richarme
Learning Tuscany
Anna Fields
Learning Tuscany
Raven Garza
Learning Tuscany
Drew Scherger
Learning Tuscany
Jennifer Denkler
Learning Tuscany 2016
Sofia Yazpik
Learning Tuscany- Anna Pedersen
Anna Pedersen
Leveraging Lawmaking: Understanding Constituency Influence on Legislative Action
Charles Bell
Linguistic Analysis of Parent Child Play in Relation to Vocabulary Performance and Socioeconomic Status
Katherine Soon
Linguistic Repertoire and Ethnic Identity: A study of Language Brokering, Code-switching, Attitudes and Beliefs
Katarina Antolovic
Local Iconoclasms?
Scarlett Neely
Long-Term Follow Up of The Psychological Weight-Control Program
Roshni Shukla
Lost in Translation: Liberalism and Foreign Policy in China
Michael Adams
Mental Health Coverage by the News Media
Lindsey Alter
Museum Education: Programming for the Best Future
Madalin Beavers
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! An Examination of the Centrality of the Supreme Court in the Legislative Process
Chelsea Amen
Parental Verbal Responsiveness and Exploratory Play
Virginia Gonzalez
Party Polarization in the Modern House of Representatives
Matthew Mrozek
Patterns in Symbolic Policymaking within the USA Patriot Act
Xueyue Sun
Playing to Heal: Applications of Play Therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Mashal Kara
Polarization in Congress
Travis Clark
Punctuated Equilibrium and Budget: How Expensive is Landmark Legislation?
Jason Cerrato
Rebellionomics: The Political Economy of Rebel Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sebastian de Beurs
Research Response Rates: An Exploration of Methodology
Roxanne Zech
Resting Effects on Memory Integration and Development
Anokhi Kashiparekh
Senate Specialization
Jared Lampson
Structural incentives for party polarization
Connor Smith
Structure vs. Freedom in Art Education
Lizah Vaillancourt
Supporting Breast Cancer Patients With Traditional Chinese Medicine
Cindy Nguyen
Taking Actions on Health Related Legislation: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Legislative Behavior in Physicians and Non-Physicians.
Yoseph Mahmoud
The American Criminal Justice System
Natalee Ball
The Analysis of Diverse Public Commentary on Clean Air Act Regulations
Hannah Bevers
The Education of Cyrus: The Peak of Political Ambition
Margaret Burnham
The Effect of Free-Living Dietary Intake on Hunger Responses During an Ad Libitum Meal Challenge
Isabel Wees
The Effect of Partner Feedback on Body Image and Romantic Relationship Quality
Christine Nott
The Effect of the Election Season on Senator’s Twitter Accounts
Alexis Darrow
The Effects of Climate and Scarcity on Terrorism
Lauren Essary
The Effects of Freshman Orientation Programs on Health Outcomes
Brittany Le
The Effects of Physical Activity on Selected Health Outcomes
Jacqueline Dickey
The Gut Micro Biome Analysis of Three New World Monkeys
Elizabeth Coggeshall
The Impact of Culture in Attachment Theory
Rachel Nwaneri
The Importance of effectively implementing the WIC program in order to combat obesity and chronic disease
Anna Poliner
The Influence of Switching Language Mode on Monolingual and Bilingual Word-Learning
Rui Akaike
The Language of Space: Visualizing a Mathematical Manifold through Installation Sculpture
Nina Ignatchenko
The Middle East at the Columbian Exposition
Saniya Walawalkar
The Potential Role of RGL3 as a Downstream Target of TTG2 in Epidermal Cell Developmental Pathways of Arabidopsis thaliana
Andrew Ly
The Purposes and Effects of Lobbying in the United States Congress
Kumail Durrani
The Science and Nurturing of Creativity
Nicole Zarate
The Separation of Powers as an Institutional Blueprint for American Government: How Madison and Hamilton Strategically Redefined Montesquieu’s Constitutionalism in the "Federalist"
Christopher Putney
The State of Mental Health: Did the States that Expanded Medicaid Improve the Lives of their Citizens?
Sarah Feeney
The Zapotec "Grecas" at Mitla and the Early Greek Geometric Period: A Comparative Analysis
Sofia Yazpik
Trends in Human Rights Violations
Kevin Valenzuela
Understanding Childhood Obesity Through Preferences in Food
Abdullah Tirmizi
Understanding Senators’ Maiden Speeches
Mary Sullivan
Using Social Media Health Campaigns to Empower and Educate Adolescents about Oral Health
Meera Patel
Using Supervised, Unsupervised, and Object-Oriented Classifications to Quantify Riparian Woodland Change in the Khwai River Basin, Botswana from 1951 to 2016
Juliet Jefferson
Virtue as Knowledge and Pleasure as the Good: An Analysis of Plato's Protagoras
Avery Williams
Water Quality Data Visualization and Assessment-Case Study Longhorn Stream Team
Elisa Friedman
Why Can't We All Just Get Along: Cooperation Between the President and US House of Representatives
Mary Sullivan
Women's Networks in Early Modern Amsterdam
Amanda Faulkner
“Donde la Cena Siempre Está Lista”: College-Educated Latina Women’s Motivations for Living in the Family Home
Alexis Eudabe
“Fight For Your Right To Be Queer”: The Politics (and Problems) of Public Drag Performance
Jayce Williams