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Get Involved

Connect with like-minded students and members of the UT and Austin communities by participating in campus organizations.

Join a First-Year Interest Group (FIG)

Sign up for a First-year Interest Group during orientation and start college with 15-20 friends who are in at least two of your classes.

FIGs meet for a weekly seminar led by a peer mentor who will connect you with campus resources and help you transition to college life.

Undergraduate Studies Organizations

As a student enrolled in Undergraduate Studies, you can take advantage of leadership opportunities during your freshman and sophomore years.

Become a member of the Undergraduate Studies Student Council.

Apply to be a UGS ambassador and share your UGS experience with prospective students.

After your freshman year, apply to be a FIG mentor.

Find your Campus Community

Search over 2,000 student organizations on Hornslink.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Grab two friends, find $20, and start your own student organization.

Become part of your college’s or school’s student council.

Join an honors society.

Search for volunteer opportunities.

Find an on-campus job.

Partner with a faculty member and conduct undergraduate research. Get started by attending an info session and explore current faculty research projects on EUREKA.