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Is UGS the Right Choice?

Over 80% of UGS students report that they were admitted to their first choice major when leaving UGS and 85% said they were satisfied with the major they declared. For most students, starting out undeclared makes the most sense for several reasons:

  • You may not be aware of all the careers that might be a good fit for your undiscovered talents
  • You can’t possibly predict what new careers will be around by the time you graduate
  • College is often the first time students have had a chance to think honestly about what they’re good at
  • Rather than changing majors several times, you can choose a major after learning more about all of the options available after you’ve taken some classes and figured out what you enjoy

Our academic advisors will help you explore your strengths and interests. While many majors at UT are selective, our staff works closely with every UGS student to identify a range of majors that aligns with each student’s goals.

Students can remain enrolled in UGS for up to four semesters, but most students internally transfer to the college or school from which they’ll graduate within their second or third semesters.

Watch this video to see what starting in UGS is all about. And take a look at this video playlist to see how exploring majors can lead to a career you’ll love.

Wondering if UGS is right for you? Contact the Vick Center for Strategic Advising or attend an information session.