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Prospective Students

Each fall, hundreds of new Longhorns begin their studies without knowing what they should major in—and that’s perfectly normal. That is exactly why UT created the School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS). By starting undeclared, UGS students are doing important work: honing in on their interests and discovering what will ignite a lifelong career in a certain field, finding something that drives them to help others, or simply figuring out what they’re really good at.

From the moment you choose UGS as your major, you’ll have distinct advantages, like a dedicated advisor, an academic support network, and a wide range of programs that help you integrate seamlessly into the pace and demands of college while you explore your options.

Starting out in UGS doesn’t slow you down. You’ll be taking the same core courses as students in every other UT major. In fact, by exploring major and career options during your first few semesters, you may be in a better position to make an educated decision about your path after college. And you’ll be more satisfied with the major you choose and transfer into.

Want to connect with a current Longhorn who’s been in your shoes? Ask specific questions about starting undeclared? Email ugs.alumni@austin.utexas.edu