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Brent Iverson
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
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Lawrence Abraham Lawrence Abraham
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Senior Staff

Phaedra White Abbott Phaedra White Abbott
Director, Discovery Scholars
Laura Costello Laura Costello
Director, Assessment
Luz-Cristal Glangchai Luz-Cristal Glangchai
Director, Texas Entrepreneurship Exchange
Molly Gully Molly Gully
Interim Director, Vick Center
Amy Gogolin Amy Gogolin
Director, Development
Lara Harlan Lara Harlan
Director II, Communication & Special Projects
Jeanette Herman Jeanette Herman
Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives
Lori Holleran Lori Holleran
Director of UGS Instruction, Engagement, and Wellness
Michelle Jewell Michelle Jewell
Director, Sanger Learning Center
Patt Micks Patty Moran Micks
Director, First-Year Experience
Tamela Walker Tamela Walker
Chief Business Officer

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