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Submissions for the 2020 Texas Student Research Showdown are now closed. View this year’s submissions here.

Videos have a strict time limit of two minutes and must be publicly accessible via YouTube. Otherwise, there are no restrictions to the format — be creative! You can talk to the camera, discuss your work in a dialog with another person, or use creative graphics, animations, and camerawork to make the video visually appealing. Remember, the goal is to make a general, non-expert audience understand what you did in your research, and why it matters. See some examples.

Our judges consider the following characteristics when rating videos:

  • The hook: Does the student capture the audience’s attention and make them interested in hearing more?
  • The narrative: Does the student tell a story of their methods or their trajectory as a researcher?
  • Merit and quality: Do the research methods suggest rigorous scholarly or creative activity?
  • Accessibility: Is the student targeting a general, rather than expert, audience?

The judges’ top two videos in two categories (arts, humanities, and social sciences; science, technology, and engineering) will receive $2000 and $750 awards, and an “audience choice” winner selected by UT students will receive $1000.

Audience award voting takes place through a Qualtrics form; votes will only be counted from currently enrolled undergraduate students who provide an EID. Submitters are encouraged to spread the word about voting to friends; they are not permitted to unduly pressure or entice students to vote for them.

Submitters are expected to attend a reception March 10, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. in MAI 212 where we will announce the winners. After the reception, winners will be asked to provide a 30-second highlight clip that we’ll publicize.