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The Final Round

Six undergraduate researchers were recognized for their research projects and communication skills at the Texas Student Research Showdown on Nov. 15, 2016. A live audience, including a panel of faculty and student judges, heard six-minute presentations on topics including oil spill cleanup, engagement with the arts, and language processing in children. The six finalists qualified for the event with creative, attention-grabbing videos that were voted on by the student body.

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First place

Karan Jerath
Petroleum engineering sophomore
Karan has created a separation device that has the potential to control an oil spill in the subsea environment.

Second place

Julia Caswell
Visual arts studies senior and Intellectual Entrepreneurship pre-grad intern
Julia designed, implemented, and studied the engagement of an audio walk in an art museum.

Third place

Joy Youwakim
Economics junior and Environment & Sustainability Bridging Disciplines Programs student
Through her research, Joy makes recommendations for future agricultural decisions in order to combat hunger and the effects of climate change.

Honorable mention

Keun-woo Lee
Neuroscience senior and Intellectual Entrepreneurship pre-grad intern
Keun-woo explored differences in neural activation during a language task correlated with phonological awareness for children of low and high socioeconomic status.

Nathan Wong
Physics and philosophy senior
Nathan has sought to optimize scanning tunneling microscope and atomic force microscope systems for measurements in low temperature, vacuum environments.

Majd Alabandi
Mechanical engineering senior
Majd’s research is about developing a friendly haptic user interface to give users a real nanofabrication experience.