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Student Ambassadors and Representatives

Each year the Office of Undergraduate Research seeks passionate undergraduates to serve as Student Research Ambassadors — the public face of student research at events for internal and external audiences, where they share their stories of becoming researchers whose experiences combine the teaching and research missions of the university. Students in this program develop their ability to share their research narrative with a general audience. Students returning to UT for the 2018-19 academic year are invited to apply to become a Student Research Ambassador by March 9.

2017-2018 Student Research Ambassadors

Youwakim Joy Youwakim
My name is Joy Youwakim, and I’m a senior economics major and math minor. I conduct research in sustainable agriculture and use math and economics as tools to discuss hunger in America and abroad. Research has truly been the most rewarding part of my undergraduate career. One day, I see myself getting my PhD in agricultural economics.

Jeanneret Stephanie Jeanneret
My name is Stephanie Jeanneret and I am a senior at UT Austin, completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology and plan to become a physician-scientist in a neuroscience-related field. During my time at UT, I have taken the role of a research assistant in a cognitive neuroscience research laboratory, the Lewis-Peacock Lab, which studies forgetting and age-related memory decline. Outside of UT, I have also begun to study the brain very differently in the Brain Tumors and Neurogenesis Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, Florida, where we study the interactions between brain cancer and an important neurogenic niche of the mammal brain. I look forward to this year as I begin my project for my honors thesis in psychology, which involves further developing a study that looks at memory competition and context during the retrieval (or forgetting) of specific memories.

Apgar thumbnail Christopher Apgar
Christopher Apgar is a sophomore neuroscience major who has done research on TBI, PTSD, Fragile X Syndrome, ALS and MS. He has been involved in the Undergraduate Research Committee (URC) and the Research Student Advisory Council (RSAC). After graduating from UT, Christopher would like to pursue an MD/PhD which will allow him to teach, research, provide patient care or any combination of those things. One piece of advice he gives to future student researchers: “Do all you can to get involved in some aspect of research and build from there. Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors or approach a lab and ask for an opportunity to be involved. Start to develop your research resume by joining clubs or groups that are associated with research and network.”

Senate Undergraduate Research Committee

The Senate of College Councils’ Undergraduate Research Committee (URC) is responsible for promoting and expanding research opportunities to undergraduates and enhancing the undergraduate research experience at the university. Members foster an interconnected undergraduate research community by working closely with programs and organizations on campus that support and facilitate undergraduate research. Other committee responsibilities include administering a $1,000 Undergraduate Research Grant, planning the annual Research Reception to honor excellence in undergraduate research, and co-hosting with the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) the campus-wide Research Week, which is a celebration of undergraduate research and creative activity.

2017-2018 co-chairs

Anastasja Keivanzadeh
Major: Mathematics
Year: Sophomore

Ab Henry
Major: Biology
Year: Sophomore

Research Student Advisory Council
RSAC’s mission is to represent students by advising and providing feedback to the OUR; to raise awareness of research opportunities and foster relationships between students and faculty; and to facilitate the effective communication of opinions, ideas, and knowledge regarding undergraduate research between the OUR, the URC, the college councils, and the research-based organizations and programs across campus.

2017-2018 co-chairs

Roberto Gonzalez
Majors: Chemistry, Pre-Med
Year: Senior

Amanda Schwark
Major: Neuroscience
Year: Senior