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Undergraduate Researchers

Research Week provides excellent ways for students to learn about research opportunities and present their own research, and for departments, colleges, and programs to showcase their students’ achievements. Events range from undergraduate poster presentations, exhibitions, performances, and symposia to guest speakers and workshops aimed at helping undergraduates achieve their research goals. Don’t miss the multi-disciplinary Longhorn Research Poster Session, which will take place on Wednesday, April 17, 12-2 p.m. in the Union Ballroom.

Click on a researcher to learn more about his or her undergraduate research experience. Visit the student success page for stories from all Undergraduate Studies programs.

Isabel Torrealba
Major: Anthropology and Psychology

Isabel’s undergraduate research topic is The Chile Pasilla Mixe: the Exception to an Economic Theory.

"[The most rewarding part of my research experience is] having the opportunity to develop something that is solely mine."
Annie Albrecht
Major: Plan II (Honors); International Relations and Global Studies

Annie’s undergraduate research topic is The Dehumanization and Objectification of Soldiers in Postmortem War Photography.

"The skills I picked up through participating in research have carried over to many other endeavors as well. I feel like I have a leg up in many of my classes."
Stephanie Ahn
Major: Human Biology

Stephanie’s undergraduate research topic is Exploring Undergraduate Students’ Awareness of Cardiac Health.

"My experience doing research as a UT undergraduate created a tight-knit community from a very large population of UT students."
Monica Castellanos

Monica’s undergraduate research topic is American Rhetoric of Relations with China and North Korea.

"Participating in research has given me a greater sense of independence in my learning."
Andrew Solis
Major: Computer Science

Andrew’s undergraduate research topic is Digital Humanities for Large Data Visualization.

"The most rewarding part of my research was being able to see it used by real users to analyze large data sets."
Sana Naiyer
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders; Applied Learning and Development

Sana’s undergraduate research topic is Assessment and Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

“Participating in research has helped me apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to actual research in the field of Speech-Language Pathology.”
Karl Bock
Major: Government

Karl’s undergraduate research topic is Print Media Tone and Public Polling in the 2012 Presidential Election

“I would highly recommend that students who have the opportunity to get involved in research take it, as it is a challenging but very rewarding experience.”
Kristin Cummins
Major: Government

Kristin’s undergraduate research topic is Tipping Points in Public Policy

"This program has prepared me for law school, but it also opened my eyes to various other fields that I am now interested in.”
Natasha Sharma

Natasha’s undergraduate research topic is A Multiethnic Intergroup Forum to Address the Impact of the Media’s Stereotypes of Racial Minorities on Youth

"It has been interesting to see first-hand how intergroup dialogue can go a long way in fostering an understanding of diversity."
George Kimson III
Major: Arabic Language and Literature; International Relations and Global Studies

George’s undergraduate research topic is Ideologies of the Arabic Language.

“Getting involved in research teaches you to be a self-motivated learner/worker, which is something that I am sure will benefit me in the future.”